Monday, March 22, 2010

"This Is What Change Looks Like"

Everyone has an opinion of the vote on nationalized health care reform taken by Congress. Attorneys General of several states have now banded together to pursue a lawsuit against the federal government as soon as President Obama signs the bill into law.

From his Facebook page, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott writes of the lawsuit:

"Just got off the AG conference call. We agreed that a multi-state lawsuit would send the strongest signal. We plan to file the moment Obama signs the bill. I anticipate him signing it tomorrow. Check back for an update at that time. I will post a link to the lawsuit when it is filed. It will lay out why the bill is unconstitutional and tramples individual and states rights"

Reaction from the Republican National Committee came in the form of a solicitation of money to help win back the House of Representative and oust Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

"In order to fund our efforts to oust Speaker Pelosi, the Republican National Committee is launching a Money Bomb to raise the resources we need to gain 40 House seats. If we gain just 40 House seats, we will fire Nancy Pelosi. Please donate, and then tell your friends to donate, so that we can end the tyrannical reign of the most aggressively left-wing Speaker in American history. Donate, so that we can fire Nancy Pelosi!"

That is the primary job of the RNC and Chairman Steele: to raise money for candidates. For all those so easily critical of Mr. Steele, it would be prudent to remember that he is good at raising money for the party.

After the vote and the process worked itself out, the president and vice-president came to the microphone and President Obama, in his remarks said, "This is what change looks like." He tried to downplay the huge adjustments that will occur under the new laws in the bill. He said it was major change but not dramatic change. The majority of Americans unhappy with the language of the bill - at least the parts to which they have been privy - do not agree with that description. Various people have been overheard saying the public option is not dead - that Pelosi will pursue that. VP Biden was heard to say, "of course we'll own the insurance companies". This bill is the beginning for total takeover, not the endgame. Rep Waxman told Stupak that "they" want the government money to pay for all abortions.

"This is what change looks like" is what the president said. This is a vote that has, in the minds of liberals, confirmed that their push to increase government control of all aspects of our lives is just and wanted. To them, government provides solutions. It is the basic philosophical difference between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans understand that less government means more personal freedom. Dependence on government to solve problems leads to enslavement. One only needs to analyse the welfare generations that system created.

The true travesty of this bill is that it is one wanted by liberal ideologues. Members of the Democratic party fell into line in order to save the Obama presidency and its agenda. Obama himself put it in those terms at the eleventh hour as many were still on the fence in their vote. Thirty plus Democrats voted with all Republicans against the bill. Never before as such sweeping legislation - a bill that literally affects every person in this country - been pushed through with only one party's support. And in this case, with only a three vote cushion. The majority of the people have consistently polled heavily against the bill. Instead of moving forward with true reforms, and with GOP support for these reforms, the administration decided to steamroll the people.

"This is what change looks like."


srp said...

I am just flabbergasted at the stupidity of our elected officials... what happened to common sense. Why would you pass a bill at all if it has to be IMMEDIATELY FIXED? There isn't anything that normal people do that way. If we plan a vacation or plan a house or sew a dress or fix a new recipe or write a grant proposal or... well, anything... we don't go ahead and start the building or sew the dress up or get the plane tickets or cook or send in grant proposals before fixing problems we know are there ahead of time. This makes no sense to reasonable people.

Stopthepresses2 said...

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