Friday, April 09, 2010

Fill Out Your Census Form And Return It

Article 1 in the Constitution calls for the census. You are required by federal law to fill out the census form. Texas may pick up four new seats in Congress. What is going on here?

It is beyond stupid to refuse to fill out the census form. The purpose is to decipher the population and proportion congressional districts. Yes, large amounts of money are trifled away in the implementation of taking the census but that can not stop people in this country from filling out the form. states:

Since the first census in 1790, data have been collected from each household using a "schedule" or "questionnaire." Between 1790 and 1820, the U.S. Marshals conducting the census were responsible for supplying paper, ruling each sheet, and writing in headings related to the inquiries asked (i.e., name, age, sex, race, etc.). In 1830, Congress authorized the printing of uniform schedules for use throughout the United States.

In 1940, the census included separate questionnaires to enumerate the population and collect data on the nation's housing. The 1960 and later questionnaires combined population and housing inquiries into a single questionnaire mailed to each household or completed during an enumerator's visit.

In 1990 and 2000, the Census Bureau used two questionnaires. The majority of households received a short-form questionnaire asking a minimum number of questions. A representative sample of households received a long-form questionnaire. In addition to all of the questions found on the short-form, the long-form questionnaire included additional inquiries about the household's personal and housing characteristics.

Today it is in vogue to rail against the intrusion of the federal government into our lives. Fair enough. However, common sense must prevail. Do not listen to any politician insincere enough to encourage any constituent to not fill out the census form. Do not listen to any loud mouth talking head bloviate about personal privacy. Most people will receive the short form - it simply asks the number of people in your household, if you own or rent the residence, and the ages and gender of the residents. Hardly earth shattering information.

If anyone claiming to be a conservative suggests non-participation, let that person know that conservatives believe in responsible government. Responsible government involves fair representation of its citizens. The census data influences congressional districts, federal buildings, libraries, jails, and any number of services. Why deny your district its fair share? Why give another district your tax dollars?

Think for yourself. It is your civic duty to fill out a census form and return it. If you have not done so, do it today. It is the responsible thing to do.

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srp said...

Already done. Ours was the short form I presume... none of the questions were very intrusive.