Thursday, April 15, 2010

Harris County GOP Coming Together

I see that my friend David and I have the same train of thought this morning: it is time to pull together as a political party in Harris County and get to work. It is time for action. It is time to chose your side and get busy.

Yesterday I received an e-mail for the newly re-elected chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, Jared Woodfill. I was encouraged to open it and read his message. The day after a hard fought primary battle, Woodfill sent a letter reaching out to all. His message was one of action - he encouraged Republicans to volunteer and to contribute to the party for victory in November.

Here's Woodfill's letter:
Let's Unite For A Common Goal

Primary elections can be a healthy thing within parties. Ideas are debated, candidates are vetted, and ultimately a nominee is chosen. Now that the runoff election is behind us, our Republican ticket is set and we're ready to move forward. From top to bottom, we have an excellent ticket ready to promote our shared conservative values and defeat the Democrats in November. To emerge victorious, we must continue to take principled stands, educate voters on issues, and provide action steps for the public; not for political expediency, but because it's the right thing to do. If we stay this course, I believe that the voters will ultimately respond and elect our excellent slate of candidates.

As a Party, there is much work to be done. We must register, train, and ultimately get voters to the polls. Right now, there are two ways you can help us achieve these goals:

1) Sign up to volunteer. There are a number of volunteer opportunities, so please fill out our online form.

2) Make an online donation to help with our Victory 2010 efforts.

Thank you for your commitment to the HCRP. I look forward to working with you towards victory in November.

Like my friend David, I'm not telling you that every candidate is 'excellent'. What I am telling you is that the time is now. It is critical for the Republican party in Harris County to win in November. Slowly the Democratic party has picked up ground in the county and this trend has to stop. In November, there will be no Obama tsunami to blame. If Republican victories do not happen, it is our own fault.

I, too, encourage you to get involved in individual campaigns. Donate to the party as a whole if you wish, but campaign involvement by individuals is crucial. All of the candidates running could use your help and would be grateful for it. Donate money to them, whatever you are able to, but it is also important to show up. Visit your candidate's campaign headquarters. Don't want to block walk or attend campaign events? That's ok. Go to their headquarters and volunteer to answer the phone or mail out flyers. Stuff envelopes, spread the word, encourage your friends and relatives to do the same.

It sounds hokey but it is absolutely true - one person can make a difference. To sit home and do nothing, to assume others are doing the work, is a mistake we cannot afford to make.

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