Saturday, April 17, 2010

POTUS Wants You To Say Thank You!

President Obama - the man who campaigned on civility, the man who promised to be the post partisan, transparent kind of guy, now openly mocks those who speak up against his policies and tells a group at a fundraiser that we should be thanking him instead of protesting. Interesting.

"So I've, I've, I've been a little amused over the last couple of days where people have been having these rallies about taxes, taxes. You would think they would be sayin' thank you. That's what you'd think."

What is striking is the clarity Obama brings to the thoughts of a liberal politician. He actually believes, I think, that Americans should thank him for doing his job. He thinks it is the government's money that he is returning to Americans with tax breaks- if in fact there are any he has legislated - instead of the peoples' money in the first place. It is the same with others - remember it was Nancy Pelosi that proclaimed the health care bill as her Christmas gift to Americans when it was shoved through just before Christmas recess.

Believe me, Obama is not the least bit amused. From all indications, this is a man used to having his way. This is a man to whom the word 'no' is rarely uttered. He is not at all amused that now a clear majority of the American people are saying no to his health care bill and his policies in general. This president has a pattern of mocking his opposition. Remember his tone and message as he went to Massachusetts on a last minute attempt to rescue the campaign of Martha Coakley against Scott Brown. How'd that work out for him, especially after mocking those who drive trucks - and ordinary citizens of Massachusetts?
The people have awoken and all the mocking in the world will not silence them. Matter of fact, it galvanizes them. Thank you for uniting conservatives of all walks of political life, Mr. President. It is useful that you expose yourself with your true personality - that of a power hungry president who enjoys being a bully. It is not making a legacy of true leadership or respect for fellow Americans. Americans know that taxes are up and going higher, not lower.

He really won't be amused by The Contract From America.

The Contract from America
We, the undersigned, call upon those seeking to represent us in public office to sign the Contract from America and by doing so commit to support each of its agenda items, work to bring each agenda item to a vote during the first year, and pledge to advocate on behalf of individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom.

Individual Liberty
Our moral, political, and economic liberties are inherent, not granted by our government. It is essential to the practice of these liberties that we be free from restriction over our peaceful political expression and free from excessive control over our economic choices.

Limited Government
The purpose of our government is to exercise only those limited powers that have been relinquished to it by the people, chief among these being the protection of our liberties by administering justice and ensuring our safety from threats arising inside or outside our country’s sovereign borders. When our government ventures beyond these functions and attempts to increase its power over the marketplace and the economic decisions of individuals, our liberties are diminished and the probability of corruption, internal strife, economic depression, and poverty increases.

Economic Freedom
The most powerful, proven instrument of material and social progress is the free market. The market economy, driven by the accumulated expressions of individual economic choices, is the only economic system that preserves and enhances individual liberty. Any other economic system, regardless of its intended pragmatic benefits, undermines our fundamental rights as free people.

This document provides 10 statements demanded by the American people as it relates to fiscal responsibility and national freedom. You can go to the website and sign the petition yourself.

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