Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holocaust Remembrance Day

RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s Statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day

“Today, as we honor Holocaust Remembrance Day, also known as Yom Hashoah, we declare never again will we remain silent in the face of systematic persecution and genocide. We remember the murder of six million innocent Jewish men, women, and children during the reign of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime, along with many others who were targeted for racial, ethnic, religious, and other reasons. Though many years have passed since that horrific moment in history, the United States remains committed to offering a safe haven to those who seek protection from religious and other persecution wherever it may be found. It is vital that we continue to pay our respects to those who lost their lives by keeping them and their families in our prayers, while also teaching future generations about the importance of ending this type of prejudice that still plagues many areas of the world. This year, as we commemorate the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps, we also thank the liberators -- the men and women in uniform who, then as now, fight to secure freedom around the world. America continues to be a shining city upon a hill for all and we reaffirm our commitment to peace and freedom from persecution for all.”

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