Thursday, July 08, 2010

I See November From My House

This is truly a world gone mad.

Republicans will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory if the distractions do not stop. Why are we letting the Democrats and national media dictate the conversation? True, we are pitifully outnumbered in the media but, still, it behooves us to stand on a rooftop now and then and let the shouting begin.

I have been shaken to the core and it is a call to arms. No, not to continue the good fight against the insanity that is Democratic dominance in Washington, D.C. That is a given. It will continue. I'm talking about my fellow Republicans and conservatives. In this case, though, it truly is the Republicans since I think if you are not committed to the party enough to call yourself a Republican, then shut up about anything concerning the governance of the party. Pick a team and work for it. Rise above the arrogance of saying you are a conservative first then a Republican or an Independent.

My fellow Republicans have once again allowed the subject to be changed from the utter incompetence of the Obama administration and given the gift of an entire holiday weekend of stories to the slobbering press, enjoying wholeheartedly reporting conservatives demanding the resignation of Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican Party.

Chairman Steele made another public faux pas in his speech during a GOP fundraiser and it was captured on video. The video has been shown time and time again with the words highlighted that Steele claims Afghanistan is "Obama's War". A misguided sentence, at best. Steele has had a few bad moments as he has made unfortunate public remarks and the pile-on always immediately begins. Mostly lead by those who would really like his job inside the party. Sad, but true.

I read this opinion piece today and was floored to agree with the author. Normally she is one with whom I flinch a bit over the crassness of her thoughts displayed in print. For those still bellowing, I suggest you read the piece, too.

We must, as Republicans, stop the nonsense. This is a very serious time in our country and the fast approaching November elections are crucial if we hope to turn the tide of a government out of control. The Tea Party people are out there and still working hard and we must match their enthusiasm and energy, too. Is ousting the party chairman less than four months out from such an important election a winning strategy? Think of the chaos at the national office and the focus on his successor instead of winning elections. It is crazy.

Steele's term is over soon enough. Let is go. Next time, find a less outgoing persona. Recruit someone who is happy behind the scenes, raising money and establishing a 50 state plan. Let the choice be between truly good people who have a vision for the party, not some no names with memberships at country clubs which have recent history of excluding minorities as members or far right social conservatives that are not comfortable with those who are more open in thought. Choose candidates with the true Reagan philosophy of big tents and 80% agreement with the party platform instead of those demanding purity tests and who don't understand the Reagan they claim to be their hero.

Instead of destroying those within our own party, focus on those in the other party running against us. They are the ones who need our attention. Just focus, people.

I see November from my house. Do you?


Sterling A Minor said...

You say: "Choose candidates with the true Reagan philosophy of big tents and 80% agreement with the party platform..."

It is fitting that you choose the 1980's Reagan, for your request that the extreme right (which is clearly in charge of the Republican Party) look out for your type of Republican is old time thinking.
You belong with those voting for Democratic candidates.

namaste said...

nicely done.

you are so right, unity first and foremost if we are serious about reclaiming our country.