Friday, July 16, 2010

Jindal Plan for Gulf Coast Revitalization

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has a plan for revitalization of the Gulf coast.

Jindal has issued a 4 point plan:
1.Implementing a coastal restoration plan by securing funding from Congress and other sources.
2.Certifying Louisiana’s seafood and getting fishermen back on the water.
3.Lifting the federal government’s offshore drilling moratorium before it devastates the Louisiana economy.
4.Holding BP accountable for damages until Louisiana’s wildlife, air and marshes are restored.

Governor Jindal has a well-deserved reputation as a hands-on manager for his state. He thinks out of the box and is open to all points of view. Unfortunately, he has been mostly on his own in handling this oil spill crisis. As BP and the federal government argue over who is in charge, Governor Jindal is doing the work on the ground.

With the Obama administration hell bent on pursuing the drilling moratorium that will be devastating to the Gulf coast, Governor Jindal has asked BP for $10 million for therapeutic and psychiatric services for those hard hit by such ill-advised policy. The moratorium will affect tens of thousands of people in and outside of Louisiana. Small businesses will not be able to remain in business, unemployment will rise, fishermen will not be able to pursue their livelihoods or pass on a generational business to their children. Wildlife is devastated, too. Health concerns for those living and working on the Gulf coast is a reality.

Barack Obama has no leadership or management skills. He leaves it to cabinet level staff who are ill equipped to make the important decisions outside of their own ideological lens. This is tragic.

Fortunately, Governor Jindal has risen to the role of crisis management.

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