Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PolitiFact Vouches for GOP on Unemployment Benefits Vote

As verified and fact checked by PolitiFact, the Democrats claim that the Republicans in the Senate didn't want to extend unemployment benefits is false. PolitiFact leans left so the finding was interesting.

From June 18 through June 30, Senate Democrats failed to secure enough votes to extend unemployment benefits while increasing the deficit. Reid ultimately fell a vote short of the 60 votes needed to block a filibuster on an amendment that would have extended unemployment benefits through Nov. 30, retroactive to June 2, the expiration date for the previously extended benefits. The Congressional Budget Office projected the blocked extension would cost $33.9 billion through 2020.

Republicans said they would support extending benefits if they were paid for up front. And on June 30, McConnell, the minority leader, proposed a two-month extension — rather than the Democratic-backed extension through November — that he said reduced the deficit by $1.7 billion. How? By adjusting Medicaid payments, trimming stimulus-funded food stamps in 2014, cutting $600 million in stimulus-supported programs to expand broadband Internet access and eliminating a provision letting qualified residents receive their earned-income tax credit throughout the year instead at the end of the tax filing season.

So as the finger pointing continues in Washington and the Democrats continue to complain that the Republicans are simply the party of no and no alternatives, think about this nod from PolitiFact to the minority party.

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Anonymous said...

In these rough economic times is it right to borrow money to help the jobless?
Republicans say NO. Borrowing that money is just going to add to the already bloated deficit.
They insist that we have to cut something in order to make up the difference

But Republicans sing a different tune when it comes to spending billions of dollars in borrowed money for reconstruction in Iraq.
American taxpayers...including many now in the ranks of the unemployed spent tens of billions of dollars building new schools , roads and bridges in Iraq. We trained and equipped their entire army and police forces. We spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to get their electrical grid working and to provide clean drinking water. We built hospitals for them. Even gave cash grants to shopkeepers so they could keep their businesses up and running.
And ever nickle that went into all those projects is borrowed money.
(even the millions we lost to corruption)
This Money our children will have to repay when they are adults and for which they will see NO benefits.

Now when it comes to helping AMERICANS, the Republicans want to play scrooge.

Republicans seem to have more concern for Iraqis rather than Americans.

I don't think there is a child in American that would object to borrowing from their future to help their parents get some relief from the GREAT Republican Recession.