Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's The Obama Fatigue, Stupid

We are 97 days out from the mid-term elections in November. Anticipating a very bad evening of Democratic losses, the President is hitting the road to spotlight pet projects of his hugely unsuccessful stimulus spending programs.

Unfortunately for the President, Americans are just plain tired. We are tired of the bad news of the very, very slow economic recovery. We are tired of the constant wah-wahing by President Obama about Republican opposition to his grand agenda. We are tired of the daily barrage of photo ops and bon mots uttered to the White House press corps without actually answering any questions. We are tired of learning that yet another huge piece of legislation has passed without the politicians voting on it having read the thing - financial "reform" being the last example.

Americans are fearful. There is too much uncertainty circulating around of the future as it will unfold under sweeping changes. We will be paying higher fees and taxes for a nationalized health care system that will not be fully implemented until 2014. We are still having a tough time with small business loans and personal financing matters, though we are told the money is there - it's just being hoarded. We are told it is not right for the Bush tax cuts to remain in effect though most Americans benefited from them, not just "the rich". And, where did the cut off of $250,000 come from when determining who is rich and who isn't? "Rich" is a relative term to most Americans. "Rich" in Bedford, Indiana is not "rich" in Manhattan, financially speaking.

Americans are angry. Americans were sold a bill of goods in the candidacy of Barack Obama, one of hope and change and post-partisan and post racial and no red states/blue states, just the United States. The popularity of the President is suffering - his policies are out of touch with main street Americans and they are angry he stubbornly carries on as though it is just that he hasn't gotten his message out. We have heard the message. We want no part of it. Now, in order to beef up his points with housewives, he will be a guest on a morning talk show moderated by 4 women. He was a guest on the show as he ran for President, as were Hillary and McCain but now he is President. It is not becoming for the President to behave as a celebrity, not a statesman. He doesn't have room in his very busy fundraising schedule to stop by and speak at the historic 100 year anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America jamboree in Washington, D.C. but there's time to yuk it up with the fawning ladies, who noted as they made their announcement that Obama would be a guest - "last time we called him Barack. Now we'll address him as Mr. President". Oh, how exciting. Too bad, Boy Scouts. Obama truly buys into his own publicity - he thinks he's a celebrity, and behaves as such. It is sickening, not endearing.

Americans are waiting for Obama to rise to the position. There is much need for a strong leadership who instills confidence that we are going on the right track. Consumer confidence is at an all time low. Unemployment is at 9.5% and rising, not dropping. Public sector employment is rising and private sector hiring is stalled. The housing bubble that burst and caused the current recession has not been addressed. In the behemoth financial regulation 'reform' bill, neither Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac were addressed. The Senate Majority Leader claims Social Security is solvent and we are not to worry about that. Never mind that in a matter of a very few years, the projected payouts will outpace the contributions to the fund. There have been no attempts to reform Social Security since former President Bush tried and the Democrats shut that initiative down. From 2007 to 2009, Democrats were in control of Congress with a GOP president. They were very adept at being the party of no.

Our country's people are falling into a Carter-esque malaise. It is not just the economy, it is Obama fatigue.

3 comments: said...

Yes Pondering Penguin, that is the best veiw i have read, you are telling it like it is, no guessing, or personal thought, just plain facts, thanks for telling it so all americans can understand, even us Bedfordites. Keep up the true facts, Love ya.

srp said...

This is EXACTLY how I feel. TIred of his face, his voice, his condescending attitude and that smirk. Plain tired.

hangeng said...

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