Friday, September 10, 2010

America Is Better Than This

America is better than this. Election after election, voters are presented with choices, many of whom are the better of two mediocre candidates. Voting for the lesser of two evils is no way to send representation to offices of legislative power. Those currently serving in Washington, D.C. are mired in the inability of being able to move from campaign mode into governing mode. Democrats cheerlead for the current President, though they find themselves having to run from his legislative track record, as it is deeply unpopular with everyday America. Republicans are stuck in a position that finds them pulled by 'establishment' Republican leadership versus a more populist group of Tea Party supported candidates. All the while, the Obama administration is determined to keep the divides widening by feeding rifts between the haves and the have nots.

This is no way to govern a country.

Why has President Obama lost so much of Independent voter support so rapidly? I think it is because he has completely misread the general population, the middle class of the country. He is stuck in class warfare and the rest of the country has moved on. Most people simply want to be gainfully employed and wish better for their children. Most people do not dwell on who has what and do not live in bitter envy of those more successful financially. Most people simply strive to keep moving upwardly on the financial ladder.

We are devoid of true leadership. A president who cannot mature past finger pointing and the blame game when his own legislative policies fail and are not popular with a majority of Americans will not inspire others. Americans were sold a bill of goods on this guy as he ran for the highest office in the land and he completely believed his own hype. He was the one who told campaign rally audiences that he was the one we have been waiting for - that by simply voting him into the leader of the free world, the sea levels would rise and the rest of the world would love us. He campaigned on the naive idea that he would extend a hand of friendship to those who wish us destroyed and all would be rainbows and unicorns.

President Obama simply doesn't understand some basics. He doesn't understand we are long past the days of big social programs and government programs guaranteeing benefits not earned. He doesn't understand the generations ruined by dependence on government programs or that the office of the president requires a certain decorum. He doesn't understand some true history of our nation. Perhaps he does truly see himself as a new age FDR, but the reality is that the increase in big government programs under FDR prolonged the Great Depression. Obama is still under the impression that all the legislators have to do is throw money at problems and all will be solved.

From The Wall Street Journal:
To be clear: The anxieties Mr. Obama is describing are real. But not everyone can spend 40 years pouring concrete or driving a city bus. Eventually, instead of a president ranting constantly about "greed and recklessness," we're going to need a national leader willing to spend his time in office getting everyone, from top to bottom, believing they are on the same national team.

What happens when the make-work construction job is completed? The worker is out of a job again. This is why FDR failed to curb the Great Depression and this is why the programs proposed by Obama will not sit well with Republicans. Hiring more workers on the government's dime is not the solution. Small business must be nurtured and supported.

So, why is Obama all of a sudden a big tax cutting supporter of small business? Because it is very close to a mid-term election and the poll numbers are very bad for the Democrats. He will no longer be able to shove through legislation strongly opposed by a majority of Americans. It looks as though Speaker Pelosi will be replaced and that gives hope to voters. No more far left agenda pushing and no more arm twisting, and back room deals, to get the work done.

From a column by Karl Rove in The Wall Street Journal:

It's not too early to assess the damage done by America's 44th president. He squandered his mandate and the public's enormous good will. He alienated voters and dropped a heavy yoke on his party with useless spending and a shockingly unpopular health-care bill. With pressure mounting and a potentially epic loss looming, Mr. Obama has gone from a commanding, engaging candidate to an arrogant, self-pitying president. It is not pretty to witness.

It is now time for us to go to the polls and vote our conscious. The choice is clear - keep moving in the far left agenda direction or put a halt to the march against our personal freedoms and liberty. It is time for a change of direction. More middle, less edges.

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