Thursday, September 02, 2010

Obama's Oval Office Speech Missed Mark

It is reported that President Obama telephoned former President George W. Bush before he gave his speech on the withdrawal of combat troops to the nation. He could only refer to Bush as a patriot and a good man, as though he is some hapless slub who went wily-nily into war without a reason or strategy. This is where Obama shows what a man of pure politics he is, not a statesman or leader of people.

Instead of crediting Bush with his unwavering support of the surge that allowed our success in Iraq, instead of voicing appreciation for Bush's decision to change course in military strategy and leadership as the war turned badly for us, instead of pointing out that he himself is using the same surge strategy in Afghanistan now, Obama chose to turn the first speech from the Oval Office on the subject of war and foreign policy into a campaign speech. He pivoted - quite badly - into domestic policy and the economy. He went as far as to blame war costs on our economic downturn. The non-partisan CBO promptly produced a chart clearly showing that not to be the truth. As the war in Iraq began and was pursued by the Bush administration, the deficit continued to be reduced. Only after 2007 did that begin to end. Is it a coincidence that 2007 is the year the Democrats took control of Congress?

Here is Senator John McCain's reaction:

Our military deserved a stronger thank you from a grateful nation by its Commander-in-Chief. Our nation deserves a President willing to do the tough thinking and speak of foreign policy deeper than the agenda of continual global apology tours and lightweight, fuzzy statements that if we are just nicer to everyone, the extremists will stop plotting to kill us.

This president is solely interested in transforming America into a European socialist democracy and is stunned that the American people are not having it. His big liberal dreams for America are passe. Americans are too astute to continue buying the hopey, changey pablum of the Obama campaign. We need strong leadership with a realistic path to economic recovery. All we have been offered is more spending, more taxes and finger pointing backwards.

We are sorely lacking in an economic recovery plan.

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