Friday, September 24, 2010

Kristi Thibaut - Ties to ACORN

ACORN has infiltrated the state representative race for Tx State Representative for House District 133. The incumbent, Kristi Thibaut, worked as a paid lobbyist for ACORN.

From a statement released by her Republican challenger Jim Murphy:
“I am calling on Kristi Thibaut to resign her board position with Texans Together, publicly denounce the fraudulent actions of the Houston Votes project, and return the $43,500 that she has taken for her campaign,” said Murphy. “Voters need to be assured that my opponent is not part of these actions, or beholden to their agenda.”

Texans Together has been in the news recently for the dust-up over fraudulent voter registration forms in their get out the vote efforts, in their Texas Votes project. Though they claim to be bi-partisan, it is a fact they lean heavily to the Democratic column.

The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) recently launched a website, that details her lobbyist activities on behalf of the discredited organization. From that website comes this video on Thibaut's roster of major campaign contributors:

Fellow District 133 members, I recommend you join with me and vote for Jim Murphy for our State Representative in Austin.

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