Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Obama Bashes Boehner As Boogey Man

Just as the GOP tried to make Nancy Pelosi the boogie woman during the 2006 elections, the Democrats are at a loss for a winning campaign strategy. So, when all else fails, blame the GOP for their failures. In a remarkable turn of events, President Obama has lightened up on his constant whines against former President Bush and has taken to beating up, verbally, Minority Leader John Boehner.

Unfortunately for President Obama and his team of nasty minions, few other than political junkies know the name of John Boehner, much less his job. The New York Times, faithful slobbering lemmings for Obama, dutifully ran a hit piece against Leader Boehner. His shortcomings? Well, Boehner smokes, plays golf and is friendly with lobbyists. The problem with that critique, which is supposed to prove Boehner's unsuitable to lead the House of Representatives? That same string of words describes President Obama. And, in Obama's case, he has allowed waivers for those he appoints to join Team Obama to get around their lobbyist careers. Nancy Pelosi, by the way, has accepted double the campaign contributions from "lobbyists" that Boehner has accepted.


At least Boehner is a current office holder. The others consuming endless ink in criticism by Team Obama - private citizens Sarah Palin and Newt Gringrich, for example - seem unusual choices, especially by the President himself. It diminishes the position when the President is the hatchet man. Usually that job falls to the Vice President. Maybe this is more of the change we were promised by candidate Obama. He seems comfortable in allowing the image of the most powerful man on earth to devolve into that of just another politician from the south side of Chicago. Thug politics.

In the latest publicity stunt from this White House to make the president appear more in touch and a regular guy - the phony backyard gatherings at private homes in swing states. And in the backyard of a family in Virginia yesterday, Obama launched into attacks on Boehner and Senate Minority Leader McConnell. Unable to tout his failed initiatives, he has little else but to try to ratchet up distrust of the minority party should they take control of Congress in November mid-term elections.

President Obama appears to be a small man. He plays bare knuckle politics and throws public temper tantrums in the form of whining about legislative opposition when it arises. A man with very little national political experience, he is one to whom personal success came rather easily. He is not accustomed to hearing the word, "no". He is a man, after all, who sued to keep political competition in his personal primary battles off the ballot.

On Sept. 8 in Parma, Ohio, Obama mentioned the name Boehner 9 times during a speech before a hand picked group of supporters. Nine times. He elevates Boehner to the level of President.

Obama has lost his mojo. He is no longer seen as an articulate speaker, his addiction to the teleprompter exposed. He is no longer "no drama Obama" as he jumps into every controversy with his personal opinion, whether it is a local or national issue. He is no longer the smart, capable guy ready to handle any emergency. The Gulf oil spill exposed Obama's inability to notice an impending catastrophe and act accordingly.

Obama has been exposed as a ideologue unwilling to see the forest for the trees. His legislative successes he touts are all roundly unpopular with the ordinary American. He and First Lady Michelle fiddle as Rome burns. Whether it is extravagant summer vacations to Spain or continuous rounds of golf and shooting hoops with a dream all-star team summoned to the White House court to play with the President, they both are leading by an out of touch example. The top notch entertaining continues with weekly soirees at the White House hosted by the First Couple. Obama postponed his initial trip to the Gulf Coast to see the oil spill damage for a day to greet sports stars. Priorities?

November 2 may be a rude awakening for Team Obama.


srp said...

I didn't watch the backyard meetings, but just got a glimpse as I was scrolling past msnbc (the MOST WORTHLESS station on the air). I wonder how long it took to find a family in VA to offer their back yard? And it looked as if there were only five people there. I think Obama has exhausted his campaign speeches on the masses and perhaps someone on that isolated and distant planet we know as the White House has realized this; so now he wants to appear to be just a regular guy. No... that won't work either.

"Earth to Obama.... the people of the US are real, hard working and NOT STUPID! We don't want you or your thugs or your big government to take care of us and take away our right to choose our way."

A person or a country is a lot like a tree. When you first plant a tree you might need to prop it up and stake it a little but they always warn you to do it loosely, not too tight... or the tree will not grow deep roots. Our founding fathers knew this so they did not stake the country down too tightly with too much power in the federal government. Our roots grew, we weathered wars at home and abroad, economic problems, disasters and just like a tree grows strong as it battles the wind, our country grew.

Then comes Woodrow Wilson and FDR and the country starts to change. They told us we really couldn't take care of ourselves. We needed the federal government to provide for our retirement and make jobs and such. Slowly our huge tree began to shrink and shrivel and Obama wants to put the finishing touches on the destruction... putting a stranglehold on our medical care, spending us into oblivion and doing it while pandering to our enemies abroad and at home.

I still believe there are enough Americans who want to make their own way, who have that adventurous spirit, who care about others and who have great faith in the idea that America is a "melting pot" and that we are American FIRST and background race or nationality LAST... I believe there enough of these people to change our downward spiral into being puppets and dependents of the federal government. I just hope they have the courage to do so.

Karen said...

Well said, Roxanne. I have lots of HOPE for November election results.