Monday, August 27, 2012

Chris Matthews Melts Down On Morning Joe Show

     I looked up the meaning of the word sycophant because I wanted to make sure I got it right. I think I did.
sycophant: noun : a person who flatters another in order to get ahead
     For the most part, I think that journalism is dead in America. Especially with the crescendo of the last presidential election, when the press corp was so completely immersed in the tank of Obama worship, a voter was hard pressed to learn anything at all about Barack Obama other than he delivered a good speech and he was cool. Heaven help you if you didn't jump on the Obama train. Obviously anyone not declaring undying support for Barack Obama was labeled a racist and a Neanderthal hopelessly clinging to God and guns. Many of these charges came from the candidate himself and not an eyebrow was raised by most of those in the press. Why would they object? They believed that, too. Ninety percent of them voted for the Democratic ticket.

     One of the most ardent of sycophants has a show of his own on the hideously slanted cable network MSNBC. Chris Matthews is a former Democratic operative, campaign hack and presidential speechwriter. No one questions that he has his own opinions. No one questions he is a loyal Democrat. Yet, today, after incident after incident of super biased behavior against Republicans in general and in specific, he is the talk of the Internet because of his latest unhinged moment captured on television video.

     Chris Matthews was a guest on the panel Monday during the MSNBC morning show, "Morning Joe". Broadcast live from the RNC convention in Tampa, Florida, Matthews was questioning RNC Chairman Reince Preibus on the joke told by Mitt Romney about his birth certificate as he and his wife addressed a crowd in their home state of Michigan. The crowd laughed and enjoyed the joke. The Obamatrons went into high dungeon over it. And, of course, the standard race baiting began.

     Even veteran liberal newsman Tom Brokaw was shocked by the Matthews outburst towards the RNC chairman.

     Does Matthews deny that food stamps and unemployment benefits are being utilized at an all time high? Does Matthews not remember that Barack Obama also went to an elite prep school - the most prestigious one in Honolulu? If Matthews has a first thought of black people when he thinks of welfare and the work requirement - as implemented by Bill Clinton - than that says more about his own racist tendencies than that of others. Chris Matthews is famously known as the talk show host who said he had a "tingle up his leg" over Barack Obama's inauguration. He is the poster child of sycophants in today's media.


Laureneer said...

Well done, Karen. It's another moment of panic by the left. They don't know what else to do at this point.

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