Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Path To Prosperity - The Ryan Plan

Few have actually read what is referred to as "The Ryan Plan" - the economic plan put forward by now vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. HERE is a link to the actual plan. It would be helpful to the accuracy of public debate if more folks bothered to sit down and quiet themselves for a few minutes and read the proposal. It isn't scary. It isn't set in stone. There is room for tweaking and Ryan has always maintained that it is a starting point, not the finished product.

  Here is the trailer to introduce the plan:

     Democrats are falling over themselves as the roll-out of Mitt Romney's choice of Rep Ryan as his vice presidential pick continues. The talking points that have been sent out from the White House are clear - the surrogates for Barack Obama are suppose to use words like "scary" and "extreme" and "right wing ideologue". Predictable, right? No plan for a solid balanced budget or entitlement reform has been brought forward by President Obama or Senate Democrats yet they are the first to squawk if Republicans show leadership and produce a starting point.

     Instead of producing real results to turn our struggling economy around when they controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House, Democrats instead concentrated on passing the largest new entitlement program ever in our history. They did in on a solely one party vote, too. It was to be a legacy for President Barack Obama. This is his sole achievement yet it is widely unpopular by a solid majority of Americans. There is nothing for him to run on for re-election so the only strategy left is to go all out for the politics of personal destruction.

     We deserve better.

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