Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Audacity of Lying

"The audacity of lying" is how pundit Charles Krauthammer described the bottom of the barrel video ad produced by a SuperPAC on behalf of President Obama's re-election effort. The RNC has a video ad out using an Obama campaign spokesperson's own words against her as she pushes the narrative that Team Obama had nothing to do with the despicable ad put out by the Obama SuperPAC run by former Obama administration aide, Bill Burton. The ad implies that Mitt Romney is responsible for a steel worker's wife's death due to a Bain takeover of the company. The problem is, the ad is all chock full of lies.

Even the liberal Obama supporting Washington Post wrote of the ad: "On just every level, this ad stretches the bounds of common sense and decency." The newspaper awarded the ad four "Pinnochios" for its untruths.

     Texans witnessed this very tactic during the recent GOP primary run-off race between Lt Gov Dewhurst and Ted Cruz for the U.S. senate seat. A video ad was run by supporters of Dewhurst using a grieving mother telling the story of her son's suicide and linking Ted Cruz to it. It was stomach-turning, to say the least, and Texas voters clearly were appalled. Not only is Dewhurst the sitting Lt Governor of our state but the ad was a new low in an already vicious campaign. Dewhurst lost to Cruz by thirteen points on election night. Ted Cruz will be the next senator from Texas to go to Washington, D.C.

     The White House and the SuperPAC responsible for the anti-Romney ad refuse to take responsibility for the ad. They have been caught time and time again in lies yet continue down that path. Obama is a failed president and they have no other strategy other than to "kill Romney" as a 2011 memo stated their campaign strategy would be. Interesting how obsessed they are with the "kill" theme, isn't it?

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