Wednesday, June 14, 2006

When I'm 64

Paul McCartney turned 64 last Sunday. Holy Smokes. It was 40 years ago that he wrote the famous, and wonderful, song "When I'm Sixty Four". Word was that John Lennon never liked the song. Lennon didn't want to record it. It was, in fact, a hit from the Sergeant Pepper album even though it was rather a light weight melody from the rest of the album. It remains a favorite of my age group who grew up with The Beatles and have nothing but fondness for them. I still love the Fab Four.

Poor Paul is now in the midst of a nasty divorce from his nasty current wife. Man, talk about a contrast from the love of his life, Linda. Linda, a photographer by profession, who thought a stong marriage and raising their children was the most important role for her, was a really hard act for silly, greedy Heather Mills to follow. Heather, who claimed in an interview that she really didn't know how famous Paul was or how incredibly wealthy he was when she met him, wasn't taken with him right away. Yeah, ok. Now, however, she is going for a huge settlement and battling over custody of their now 2 year old daughter, Beatrice. Seems money matters to her now.

Yesterday the big conference in D.C. for the liberal wing of the liberals continued. Speakers included Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Hillary was booed when she stated an immediate withdrawal of troops was not in the best interest of our country. She was applauded for other points in her speech when she was doing the standard Bush and his administration bashing. It is a political year, you know.

Kerry, further proving why he was the loser in the 2004 presidental election, now claims he is regrettful of his vote to go to war with the terrorists. He voted for it before he voted against it, as the quote was on the campaign stumps. Now, hoping to run again in 2008, he is all about rehabilitating his image. He is failing miserably again. The whole reason so many couldn't get behind his candidacy was the fact that he changes his opinion according to what is popular. Flip flop. Whatever it takes to get a vote. And, he's just creepy.

Kerry did a little attempt at humor at the beginning of his snore of a speech. It involved President Bush and Vietnam service. Poor John. His heyday was when he returned from Vietnam after a quick 4 months there and pleading for medals to make it a quick visit so that he could come back and testify before Congress about what baby killers the soldiers were. He is a very. small. man.

I guess John Kerry forgets 2.1 million Cambodians were slaughtered after the last helicopter left from Siagon. Yeah, John, please keep whining about a withdrawal timetable. Self-serving, pompous ass.

President Bush, support him or don't, remains steadfast. His word is his bond and the world knows it. I'll take that style of leadership, thanks.

My husband received a couple of e-mails over the course of last night about work-related issues from Iraqi engineers he worked with during his visit there in 2003, pre-war. The engineers sending the e-mails still don't feel free enough to say whatever is on their minds. Thirty-five years of suppression will do that to a man. When a person is aquainted with people and can put a face on the conflict, wobbly knees strengthen.

Our military deserves a united front, a united resolve here at home. They deserve no less.

Happy Flag Day.


srp said...

I never liked her. Something fishy from the beginning.

aka_Meritt said...

Re; Heather Mills....

Wasn't she basically a 'nobody' until she managed to jump out in front of that police motorcycle and end up with millions???

I firmly believe she knew exactly what she was doing when she got with Paul and had his kid. She always reminded me a little bit of Marla Maples. LOL.