Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gerald Ford 1913-2006

President Ford was not a great president. He was a good, honest, ethical American. He served in the House of Representatives for many years, representing the great state of Michigan.

He is best known as the man who healed a nation. He was both vice-president and then president but never elected to either position. He was named vice-president after Spiro Agnew resigned his post in the Nixon administration. Then, when President Nixon resigned, he was elevated to the presidency. He pardoned President Nixon, thus Nixon was not impeached.

Rest in Peace.

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srp said...

I heard a commentator say that while he started the election process against Jimmy Carter a full 20 points behind in the polls, he lost the election by only a small number. He always believed in the system of electing a president and therefore had nothing bad to say about his successor after the election or while he was in office.

Then the commentator added.... one cannot say the same about Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton.... they have no respect for the presidency.