Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good Bye and Good Luck

Frost on the automobile this morning. Warmed up the machine again before we headed out. Needed the defroster. I'm happy to say it all works well. I'm enjoying a second cup of Boca Java Boca Villa now as I only had time for one before we left.

I'll be watching the Robert Gates hearing this morning. I hope it all goes quickly as I don't think a Secretary of Defense is a postition we want in limbo while we are at war. Texas A&M's loss is the country's gain.

The Dems, continuing to show their true partisan colors, refused to allow John Bolton's nomination to get out of committee for a vote on the Senate floor, where he would have be voted in, so he has resigned. It's a shame that political gamesmanship overrides the best interests of the country. John Bolton was quite successful and he was respected in the position. I am disappointed the administration didn't fight harder for him. He has devoted his career to serving the country with honor, in short supply for many.

Add another celebrity to the list of those who will never get any of my ticket money anymore. Gwyneth Paltrow, pulling the spoiled American trick overseas, claimed to a Porteguese newspaper that Americans are not intelligent and are too materialistic to be interesting. Seems she thinks dinner conversations center around work too much in this country.

Poor Gwynnie. She claims she was misunderstood in the interview, now that she realizes what an ass she was. She claims she was speaking in Spanish to the reporter and she blames her mastery of the language on the comments and their interpretation.

Where does she think she made all the money to allow her the freedom to move around and live where she pleases? Those boring Americans have provided her with a very comfortable lifestyle. She lives next to Madonna and claims Madonna is her mentor.

Quite the role model, Madonna. And both are sorely lacking in talent. Madonna has at least mastered the art of public relations. Maybe it was Madonna's advise to Gwennie to be an idiot for publicity.

Advice to Gwyn: remember the Dixie Chicks.


srp said...

Perhaps Mr. Bolton is just tired. I'm tired just watching it and everything else going on in Washington.

It is really cold here as well, just in time for Max to be sheared so he hides out in his house. He has ulcers on his cornea and is so difficult to medicate with ointments and such. He hasn't gotten any better since Thursday. If there were two other people to distract him I could get a muzzle on him, but that only works once and then he learns to avoid. The vet is talking about a dry eye problem of some type.

My mom goes in early tomorrow for her angiogram. I feel certain there is a blockage but they will have to wait for her kidneys to recover from the dye before giving her more to do angioplasty. Don't you just love it when things are so up in the air?

Has your son started deciding which college he would like to attend? Nyssa is already thinking about the GRE and graduate school. When does it end?

Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed to hear bout John Bolton's resignation. I admire a straight shooter and someone who disregards the media. The only thing that will make me happy now is for th eUN to disappear. Listening to the Japanese representative yesterday, its apparent SOME people understood how masterful and accomplished Bolton is.

I wish HE was MY neighbor, if I were looking for a mentor.

I'm betting our compared no-see lists would be similar.