Saturday, December 16, 2006

Let the Games Begin

Today I had lunch with my lifelong girlfriend. Well, since second grade when her family moved to town. It was our once a month lunch. The seafood alfredo was yummy.

Son's Senior Class ring arrived today. So wierd.

The attempts to rescue the three mountain climbers in Oregon is compelling. I pray the weather cooperates tomorrow. The statements from the families are heartbreaking.

I see Senator Evan Bayh is not running for President after all. Wonder if he was too skittish about his lifestyle in college getting out to haunt him now that he has a wife and children. I lived in Indiana, in Bloomington, when he was a student at Indiana University and knew a couple of Bayh's friends. He used to be Senator Birch Bayh's son before the sr. Bayh was defeated and Evan was old enough to go into the political scene himself. Needless to say the news of his marriage was surprising to most.

Wonder what Evan will do with the reported $10 million he has in his PAC established as an exploratory committee?

I finally sent out our Christmas cards yesterday. It was late for me, I like to get them out towards the first of December as a rule. Just didn't happen this year.

With $14 million dollars in the bank for her presidential run and all the former consultants and aides from President Clinton's days in the White House on the payroll, does anyone still have any doubts Hillary is running for 2008? Obama is putting a scare into her, though, so she'll have to stop the cat and mouse games in fairly short order. Already there are commercials running in New Hampshire for a draft Obama initiative.

Gonna be interesting.


srp said...

This next election I fear may be the one that determines whether our country remains strong or destroys itself. There is a darkness to the future I haven't seen or felt before.

Anonymous said...

But you sent the cards, which means you wrote something and stamped them!

I bought a box of cards. There's always next year, I hope.

Do you think Hillary will try to get Obama on her ticket as VP? I'm thinking she will do anything not to lose to him. Wonder how much pressure he can take.