Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Rest of the Story

An update of the posting yesterday about the rabbi and the officials at Sea-Tac airport is in order. My blogging friend Karen, at Thoughts by Seawitch, does a good post today about the rest of the story. She rightly feels those blogging about it should finish the story.

I saw the rabbi on tv last night and cynic that I am, thought he was getting the publicity he sought after all. I tried to listen with an open mind, though, and turns out I think he didn't have the motivation I accused him of after listening to him.

I think the American public's reaction to this story is justifiable, given the way it was reported in the media. The problem is we were listening to the story from the media.

From what I have pieced together at this point, the rabbi was in talks with the airport officials about a display for an 8 foot mennorah, to be provided free of charge by his group. He offered for it to be placed wherever the airport saw fit to place it.

I don't know when the lawyer came into the story but it may have been due to the rabbi's frustration in not reaching an agreement with the officials. The airport officials totally wimped out and claimed they took everything down so as not to have to do displays for other religions, too. The airport claims it didn't have staff and time to do more decorating.

Now, we hear today that the trees are back up and talks will begin after the first of the new year concerning holiday displays for next year.

My heritage includes a paternal grandfather who was Jewish. I love the religion and the history of the people of Israel. I thought this story, according to how it was reported, to be another one for the ACLU loons out there constantly chipping away at our American culture and celebrations.

I was wrong.

My guard is back up towards the media. Again.


srp said...

I have decided NEVER to listen to the media again. Fox does the best job but even they sometimes screw it up. At least they don't have the same aversion to fixing their screw ups.

PS: I finally found the star for our tree.... YEAH....

SEAWITCH said...

Our new media does such a dis-service on how it reports the news.

Anonymous said...

I had to reign in myself too and turn around. I'm glad to get the rest of the story.

Jennifer said...

This is what I truly love about you, my friend. Fair and balanced, as it was meant to be done.