Thursday, December 21, 2006

Who's A Cowboy Now?

I'm checking out a movie from 1945 titled "The Clock" starring Judy Garland and Robert Walker. I need the diversion.

Seems recent news accounts of traveling politicians confirm my suspicions. There is no shortage of clueless bloviators willing to make laughingstocks of themselves to muscle their way onto the world stage. Actors all.

First Senator Bill Nelson, former astronaut from Florida, goes to Syria for a little tete a tete with Bashir. His jet barely back into the skies and the Iranian press is mocking him and his great adventure into the diplomatic abyss. He thought it was a good way to stick a finger into the eye of President Bush, whose administration asked him not to go in the first place. I'm sure he didn't count on the reaction of the region. They thought he was a very foolish man.

Not to be outdone, John Kerry traipses off to Syria, and to raise the stakes a bit announces he would be happy to go to Iran to talk with the madman there, if he was needed. Thanks, John. I'm sure the people of Israel, next on the itinerary, were really excited with the prospects of his visit.

Evan Bayh went to the region, too. He's out of the presidential race now, though, so who cares?

Brings to mind the old joke about every senator waking up and seeing a future president in the mirror.

When President Bush does things that raise eyebrows, he's called a cowboy. That would be an insult to the uppity elites, you know.

Now it's the pilgrimage to Cuba. Both parties are guilty of this. Can't we just talk to the brutal dictator and solve all the problems? Can't we just allow free trade and make money there?

The answer is no.

Did the latest congressional delegation to travel to Cuba ask about the political prisoners or the imprisoned journalists or the people guilty of practicing their religions? No word on that but lots about remarks from silly, no-nothings like Congressman Meeks from New York that brags now that the democrats are in charge it's time to take advantage and change policy towards Cuba. Or Congressman Flake from Arizona who thinks the atmosphere is ripe for business investment with the Cuban leadership.

Lord help us.

And Joy Behar continues not to disappoint. Her latest easy, cheap shot at conservatives was concerning Fox News and their coverage of the Hitler/Rumsfeld remark: "Fox News is all over my ass. I consider it an honor, like being on Nixon's enemies list." She's one classy broad, that one.

If it weren't for easy cheap shots she'd have no schtick at all. Maybe Santa will bring her some original thoughts for Christmas this year.


srp said...

Do you think with Rosie's last go round with the Donald, that the View is on its last leg? I hope so. That young blond girl who recently had her first child is the only one with any values and it seems they stomp on her ideas any time I turn it on. Turning on the View is rare these days.... I can get trash on Jerry Springer should I be so inclined.

Beverly said...

I do not like Joy B*har at all. I was so disappointed when G*od Housekeeping magazine had her do a page in its magazine.

Yes, Elizabeth Hasselbac* is the one sane person on the show, and as SRP said, she gets stomped.

I did watch the last clip today, however, when the little girl with CF was on the show. It was a bit educational about the disease.

Anonymous said...

Behar is nothing but a follower as a grade school girl is trying to get the notice of the class Diva. She'll say anything; she'll sell herself if needed.
Funny, Bayh and Kerry seem to be doing the same thing.
What wastes.