Monday, April 28, 2008

It All Circles Around

From a very funny monologue Saturday night at the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner : "Sen. McCain's not here, Bush said of GOP nominee - in - waiting John McCain. He probably wanted to distance himself from me a little bit. You know, he's not alone. Jenna's moving out, too. Hillary Clinton couldn't get in because of sniper fire and Senator Obama's at church." Craig Ferguson, also very funny. He became a U.S. citizen 3 months ago and is very proud of that. Imagine that. The best part of the televised evening? President Bush conducting the U.S. Marine Band. The president and the baton, sweeping moves and wiggles. Too good.

Meghan McCain on the red carpet before the dinner? Glamorous looking like a movie star. Holy mackerel.

Senator Obama climbed down off his high horse and sullied himself long enough to be on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. After his campaign prefaced his appearance Friday by saying Obama will 'bring it' to Fox and all that junk, the netroots went ballistic after the segment aired. They were sorely disappointed. Wallace, as usual, was fair and asking reasonable questions. Obama was amiable, yet didn't take the opportunity to state his policy positions that will make him attractive to voters in November. This is why he is a weaker candidate than Hillary. Hillary is incredibly well-disciplined when it comes to getting her message out. And, she realized many months ago that more than just Republicans watch Fox News. If you are presenting yourself as a unifier, you have to actually act like one.

Obama said, "the fact he's (Wright) my former pastor, makes it a legitimate political issue." Yes it is. He said Republicans have better ideas on business regulation, education as far as charter schools, etc., and merit pay for teachers. But he is still spouting the cheap misrepresentations. He ridiculed McCain for now saying the Bush tax cuts should be permanent. Obama knows McCain originally didn't vote for them because the spending cuts weren't there. Obama said he will vote to confirm General Petraeus as Commander of CentCom. But, then he said when he's president he'll set military strategy, not the commanders on the ground, and set timetables. And, he said he'll have to talk to McCain about the agreement he took part in over public financing of the general election. Obama wants to back out of giving his word as agreement to it, back before he knew how much money he could raise as a candidate.

And, he said he won't lose the election due to his race. It'll be for missteps, just like other candidates. Note to Michelle: did you get that memo?

Obama justified his comparison of Senator Coburn along with his friendship with William Ayers as not really meaning to compare the two and said he has apologized to Senator Coburn. He said he wasn't a part of the Gang of 14 or any other unifying coalitions in his one year in the Senate before he ran for president but that he defended Democrats who voted for John Roberts for Supreme Court justice. Obama voted against Roberts, though. Huh?

Rev. Wright, Obama's pastor for 20 years, his spiritual advisor, the pastor that married him and Michelle and baptised his two daughters, who lead the church that the Obamas contributed over $25,000 the last two years, has been on a rehabilitation tour for disparaging remarks made public from his 'preaching' in services.

Rev. Wright was on the PBS show with Bill Moyers, which was a love fest. Two peas in a pod. There was the speech to the NAACP in Detroit. This morning it was the speech to the National Press Club, where the media were banished to the balcony and the 'Diversity Conference' attendees from black churches were at the tables on the main floor, hooting and hollering for the good reverend. Quite the show. Wright took the opportunity to advertise his upcoming two day symposium for religious leaders. And the theme this morning is that the attacks on his speeches are not attacks on him, but on the black churches in this country.

In an amazing display of political speech, as he continued to claim he is only a preacher, not a politician, he bashed the working press for reporting on his 'sermons'. He said Black Liberation Theology is from the vantage point of the oppressed. He bashed the Iraq war by saying the administration sent "over 4,000 to die over a lie". Said his 6 years of military service was patriotic but that Cheney didn't serve. Said if Obama is elected, "I'm coming after you because you'll represent policy that grinds down people." He said several times that Obama spoke about against Wright's remarks because he's a politician and knows what he has to say to get elected. When questioned about the chickens coming home to roost remark he delivered in church less than one week after 9/11, he said a country being a terrorist has to expect terrorism. He was visibly hostile to the National Press Club member who was reading questions from the audience that had been submitted in writing.

Rev. Wright did no favors for the Obama campaign. Just when the controversies of this man's comments were fading from the national conversation, here he is. He makes it clear to the observer that it is all about Wright's ego. He is a nasty, mean-spirited man. Doesn't matter if he's a minister and a veteran. His is a divisive, hateful message. He is of the Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton school of continual victimhood. White man holding down the black man. Rich man abusing poor man.

David Axelrod, it was reported in the Chicago Sun-Times, hired a public relations firm - pro bono- to manage the message of Wright. How's that working out?

Too bad for the Obama campaign that Wright didn't take them up on the sabbatical for a few months they dangled before him. It's no wonder regular American voters now question Obama's campaign premise that he's a different kind of politician. He's been in his church for 20 years. If he doesn't also believe, like Wright, in the speeches that are not uplifting, not unifying, not 'post-racial', then he should have firmly said so by now.

Oh yeah, did you hear Wright has a book coming out soon? More outlandish comments to come, you can be sure of that.

Tough break for Obama. Just like Obama threw grandma under the bus, as a 'typical white person', Wright is throwing him under the bus as 'a politician'. Karma.


Beverly said...

I loved Bush's remarks. I missed seeing him direct the band, however.

I also saw an interview with Craig Ferguson where he talked about becoming an American citizen. I didn't realize it was just three months ago.

In the interview he also spoke about his addictions and mentioned Britney Spears, not in a joking way, but in a caring way. I haven't ever watched him on late night TV. I rarely make it past Jay Leno's monologue, but I just may start seeing what he has to say.

Jo said...

From what Rush was saying on my way to lunch Wright made a comment about the government cutting food stamps to the poor and how many people his church feed. He doesn't get it does he? Food stamps keep people from achieving, or trying to achieve something on their own ... figures ..

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Great weekend round-up, Karen!

Keep Wright in front of the cameras. I have no problems at all in having him out there in the public spotlight.

Karen said...

Thanks, Beverly.

Word: I agree, as a Republican voter, a focus on Wright doesn't bother me at all.

Jo: Yeah, Wright said his church fed 5,000 families last year while 'the government cuts food stamps'. He's a charmer.

Paul is a Hermit said...

I think Wright is an assest to Obama winning the nomination. He is a black liberal and the media will not tear him down. They are either entertained by him, he voices much of what they say themselves, or afraid of him. He can fire up a particular crowd.
He represents a large part of the Democratic Party, those who want taken care of with tax dollars and liberals who agree to anything they want, from either guilt or a sincere belief that America does not care enough.

Obama did say he would set strategic goals and leave the tactics to the generals. Since Lyndon Johnson's micro- management though, that has not been the case, until the current president.

Paul is a Hermit said...

How could I forget Ronald Reagan Himself? Shame on me.

Karen said...

Paul, It's fine with me to have Wright front and center from now until whenever. I'm not so sure about the media, though. Those in the audience this morning sat silently as he spoke while the audience on the main floor - the mostly invited black guests from the conference, stood a couple of times and clapped and whooped throughout the speech.
In the primary, the liberal white guilt will propel Obama far, as it has. In the general election? That will be an interesting story we'll watch unfold.

American said...

“Keep Wright in front of the cameras. I have no problems at all in having him out there in the public spotlight.”

I agree, and let’s give him enough rope to sink Obama’s campaign and hope that book comes out real soon…

Karen said...

Otto, I think I heard him say, as he was teasing the audience this morning with a story, that the book was set to come out in 'a couple of months', so it may get interesting this summer. Like around convention time.

Nikki said...

I watched this on CSPAN and Bush was quite charming and he seemed like a guy ready to say kiss my butt already...the rev could care less about Obama at this point. It will be interesting to watch his numbers fall and see how he handles it. :)N

Karen said...

Nikki, that's exactly what I liked about Bush's conducting - it was an "I just don't care" moment for him!

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Rev Wright is like kryptonite. I mean really - for a candi who projects a hopeful future filled with change - he sure does hang with like the most divying ppl around.


Great scope there Karen. One of your bestest.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

It all seems to be coming to a head, today.

Incognito said...

How can Wright claim he's not political. Please!!

And politics have no place in the pulpit! and vice versa.