Friday, April 25, 2008

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This morning I am directing you over to Heidianne's blog for a really informative post about the history of Barack Obama and his family. It is well researched and written. It is a bit long but worth the time to go through the timeline. Let her know what a terrific job she's done.

Knowledge is power.


vicki said...

Umm,ah,Karen? Despite his claim, Raila Odinga is not related to Obama. And that is only the tip of the false iceberg here. This is not a credible piece but rather a rumor that has already made it to urban legend status at Snopes. In a year when bad media on both sides is driving this election in dangerous ways, don't contribute to this nonsense. Besides, think about it: Why would a country that has been insanely hopped up on terrorism to the point of bankrupting us, fiscally, morally and in world opinion, want to hide the fact that Obama equals Jihad?

Knowledge is power, yes, but history tells us that lies and bigotry wield even more power- and it's all dangerous.

Karen said...

The family relationship to Odinga has not be substantiated, according to Snopes, not debunked. The whole memo had a mixed rating..
If you refer to the U.S. as the country 'insanely hopped up on terrorism' then, I won't even bother to address that. There is a kind of willfull looking the other way that can no longer be accepted.
I am not a bigot or a liar, much less ignorant. And the media? So in the tank for Obama that I don't know how they will recover should he not win in November.
I trust the blogger's research skills and honesty. I appreciate your opinion as to whether I should post this or not. I trust you'll respect my decision to post on my own space.

heidianne jackson said...

thanks karen for the link. i have diligently researched this information before posting and i will be putting up a subsequent post late tonight.

you are dead right on your response to vicki. she posted over at my place, too, and i just have not had the time to respond yet. i'll be doing that tonight, too.

thanks again, karen.

heidianne jackson

Jennifer said...

I'm really stunned that you put your credibility on the line by your association with this. It's beyond the pale, frankly.

Calling him an 'empty suit', 'breathtakingly naive', 'B Hussein Obama' - none of that bothers me in the least, nor does it matter to anybody with any intellect who supports him.

But the tremuolous fear and lecherous loathing felt for Obama by conservatives these days, expressed through this kind of garbage, speaks much more to their character, judgment and intimidation than it speaks to anything about Barack Obama.

There surely is a cult mentality around this candidate, however to imply its breeding ground is among his supporters is laughable now. The reality is that the sheep are to be found in the sect that is his opposition.

There is no standard bearer on the right to gather 'round, so the next best fall back is to name a common enemy and attack in full 'shock and awe' glory. Is that it?

I do believe this is where I get off. Good luck to you, Karen.