Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Pope Does D.C. and NYC, Too.

The Pope arrives in D.C. today and Jimmy has met with and embraced the leader of Hamas. Sounds like we definitely got the better end of that exchange.

I watched the welcoming of the Pope at Andrews Air Force Base. For the first time a sitting President welcomed the Pope there. He will be the second Pope to speak at the White House. The welcome was terrific to watch, but I am prone to enjoy that sort of thing. I love ceremony, pomp and circumstance. I appreciate shows of respect for others. Laura Bush accompanied the President, as did Jenna Bush. I commented to my son that Jenna has turned out to be such a lovely young woman. Quite a different picture than the days of drinking and being young in Austin, at University of Texas. It must kill the press to have to be complimentary to her now.

Pope Benedict will celebrate his 81st birthday tomorrow. As he passed by the onlookers at Andrews, the school children sang Happy Birthday to him, with enthusiasm. Lots of flags representing the Vatican and the U.S. waving. Moments of history.

The Monseigneur commenting on television said the President and the Pope have a warm relationship. He was asked why the Pope decided to visit now and the answer was that the Pope wanted to do it before the political season got any further along and before this President left office.

There will be a big formal ceremony at the White House tomorrow, the Pope will speak to the General Assembly at the U.N. Friday and then go to Ground Zero Sunday. He'll conduct Mass from National Stadium; Yankee Stadium. Quite a strenuous schedule for a man his age.

What I like about this Pope, as a non-Catholic, is that he is characterized as a German academic. He loves policy and is a wonk. Cool. He caused quite a stir during his first major public speech when he dove right into the threats of IslamoFasicism in today's world. Good for him.

The man makes someone like Jimmy Carter look the fool that he is. The older Carter gets, the more ridiculous he seems. He was a failure as a President, after running the state of Georgia into the ground, as I lived there then, and now he is simply an embarrassment as a former President. He chooses terrorists, like Hamas, over Israel every time and doesn't bat an eye over it. He never met a dictator he didn't like, either. The leadership in Israel has refused to meet with him and who can blame them for that? He made up a story that he will try to mediate a release of Galed Shalit, held hostage by Palestinians all this long time, but everyone denies any knowledge of this mediation.

Maybe he'll ask about Hamas MP and Cleric Yunis Al-Astal, who it was reported on Jihad Watch, said during a Friday Sermon: "We will conquer Rome, and from there continue to conquer the two Americas and Eastern Europe." "Today, Rome is the capital of the Catholics, or the Crusader capital, which has declared its hostility to Islam, and has planted the brothers of apes and pigs in Palestine in order to prevent the reawakening of Islam - this capital of theirs will be an advanced post for the Islamic conquests, which will spread through Europe in its entirety, and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe."

Nice. The religion of peace.

Never mind that former President Carter ushered in our current day Islamic threats back when he was President and just as clueless as he is now.

Good job, Jimmy.


Z said...

Nice juxtaposition on the Pope and Jim-duh. I like the ceremonial stuff, too, karen..a LOT. I get very weepy when I see things like you described; school children showing respect like that, singing Happy Birthday, etc.
And yes, Jenna Bush sure has improved! A LOT. Nice to see.
I think pomp and circumstance, dressing up for occasions, etc., brings out the best in us. This new 'anything goes' stuff, whether for state occasions or a dinner party at your own house, doesn't do it for me! I can be casual, too, but I like traditions and propriety. always have.
Nice piece, Karen.

cerise said...
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cowardbuster said...
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cowardbuster said...
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Maggie's Notebook said...

Jimmy Carter was the first "bittergate," I think. I had not heard the Pope talk about why he is here now. I'd like to think that he knew he had a 100% chance of meeting an American President with character and integrity. Next President...???

Karen, thanks for visiting me:-)

Maggie's Notebook

The Vegas Art Guy said...

I have uber respect for the pontiff. Too bad it's open season on him once again. I hope his trip is fruitful and safe.

Anonymous said...

Seen the headlines?


hahahahaha you can't beat that.

The old slimebag spent his life protecting child molestors, butt your slimy, little pretzeldunce is too much for him to stomach.

Anonymous said...

five to one says this is the biggest landslide since LBJ stomped Goldwater...any takers before your frightened little protector deletes the post? Hahaha...I know I should feel guilty...it's like making fun of inmates.

Karen said...

From what I've heard and read, the Pope has so far met privately with the President for a few minutes after the welcoming at the Air Force base; then after the official welcoming ceremony at the White House,where they spoke on current events and concerns; the dinner at the White House tonight will have mostly Catholic leaders and faithful while the dinner the Pope will attend celebrates his birthday with Cardinales, and hierarchy of the church, as he requested. They do answer to him, you know.

What you choose to dwell on and your method to continue with name calling is quite telling. Instead of just printing out your comments as I have before as a record, I'll leave these latest up so everyone can read your fine work. I know several are interested.

prof. Edvard Teller said...

Tellink, yas, weeeerry tellink. Sorry if I can't take you seriously...except as dangerous pests.

Anonymous said...

The one I liked best was Pope Snubs Dope...anyway, on to the next earth shaker...McCain is now stealing recipes to counter the elitist image...he hangs with only the very BIGGEST lobbyists and WS whores, you know...the two dollar fellers and fellatores don't git no face -- or other -- time.

Incognito said...

Oh Karen, I'm so sorry about your troll.... if you have sitemeter you can track down their isp.. just in case it gets worse.

I had one of those once... he still lurks occasionally, but rarely posts.