Friday, April 25, 2008

World Malaria Day 2008


Well, I'm not known for doing things half-way, so here is the button announcing today as World Malaria Day 2008.

Not given media play here, as the U.S. is not a part of the Five Coalitions - two in Europe, France and UK; three in Africa, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Mozambique. Belgium is working on setting up a coalition and a new Coalition will be set up this year in Benin.

First Lady Laura Bush and both Jenna and Barbara Bush have taken many trips to Africa and worked very hard on an initiative to donate net bed tents, and medicine, so that Africans will not be infected as they sleep. The Coalitions formed so far are set up differently in terms of organizational structure and decision making processes. This according to the web site:

I hope you will check it out. The problem is completely curable and I hope the U.S. will be even more active in support.

The Malaria Consortium is the umbrella under which Mobilising for Malaria works. It is an advocacy programme receiving most of its support from GlaxoSmithKline's African Malaria Partnership. Yeah, Big Pharma. The evil profiteers the far left would like to punish for success.
Imagine that.

"UNICEF welcomes the opportunity to join in celebrating World Malaria Day 2008. Malaria is a global problem, affecting child health and survival across the world. In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, it kills around 800,000 children every year. Greater global awareness of malaria has contributed to a significant increase in resources and as a result coverage of effective interventions is increasing. Country successes in malaria prevention and control have largely been the result of increasing integration of malaria services as a component of comprehensive Maternal and Child Health services. Further scale- up and integration of malaria prevention and control is required, alongside sustained financing, community involvement and leadership, and stronger global, regional and national partnerships". - Ann M. Veneman, Exec Director, UNICEF

"On World Malaria Day, it's important to recognize that the innovation and creativity of business is a critical component in the fight against malaria. Malaria is one of the greatest threats to global health and economic welfare - and it's easy and inexpensive to prevent. We have all the tools at our disposal needed to prevent, diagnose and treat the disease. By working in concert with public health agencies and civil society, the private sector is poised to broaden the reach and effectiveness of these critical malaria interventions and defeat this deadly global epidemic once and for all." - John Tedstrom, Exec Director, Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria.

"Although physical height is very useful in basketball, the stature that counts in life is the quality of our service and of our relationship to humanity. Africa is suffering and touched by an unacceptable high burden of disease; especially form a few communicable diseases know as diseases of the poor. These are HIV and AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. Not only do these disease cause untold levels of human suffering and unnecessary deaths, but there is a terrible economic toll it is taking in Africa. Malaria continues to be a killer, particularly of children in Africa. Malaria alone has been responsible for a loss of up to 20% of GDP in Sub-Sahara Africa between 1983 and 1998." - Dikembe Mutombo, NBA All Star for the Houston Rockets and founder of Dikembe Mutombo Foundation. Mutombo is a native of Congo.

"I know from personal experience how important it is for Malaria sufferers to receive urgent medical attention. Alas, not everyone affected is so lucky, so I support any initiative that raises awareness." - Dame Judi Dench, British Actress

"Around half a billion people a year contract malaria - a preventable infection that today still kills on child every thirty seconds. No disease in human history has caused more sickness or loss of life. This year we have launched the MDG Call to Action, bringing together governments, NGOs, businesses, faith groups and civil societies from across the world to get the Millennium Development Goals back on track. And to achieve this we must redouble our efforts to tackle the global development emergency, including the devastation of lives and communities that is the shameful legacy of malaria even in 2008. Only by being bold and ambitious in our approach can we combat and ultimately eradicate this disease." - The Rt Hon Gordon Brown, Prime Minister, the United Kingdom.

"Anyone who has visited countries afflicted by malaria will know just how important the fight against this disease is. With the right education, prevention and treatment, the fact is that every malaria death is avoidable. In large part this is about resources. That is why the Conservative Party is pledged to spend a minimum of L500 million or $1bn- a year tackling malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa, every year until the Millennium Development Goals on malaria have been met. I hope other countries will follow suit. Recognising "World Malaria Day" is a vital step i the work of raising awareness of this disease and prompting action so we can win this fight against malaria in our generation". - David Cameron MP, Leader of the UK Conservative Party.

Senseless, preventable, devastating human loss. The numbers of children dying is heartbreaking. Let's hope the work and interest continues until the job is done.


Debbie said...

I didn't even know there was a Malaria Day. Shame on me.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

American said...

Hmmm, shame on me too! It's sad that people are still impacted given that its so preventable... There is another good initiative looming. I refer to "Bloggers Unite for Human Rights" on 05/15/08. I have placed a badge on my site, check out

Nikki said...

This is great...I see NBA commercials that show that nets can save lives...amazing that it is such a small thing to do to save lives...and who said conservatives don't care! :)N

Z said...

debbie, don't be hard on yourself. Our media ought to have told us, but Laura Bush is involved, so they can't tout THIS charity, right? Yes, Conservatives DO care, very much.