Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bags for Rwanda

The idea of using shopping bags made of canvas or organic cotton is nothing new. Some of us began using the reusables back in the 1970's. With the last focus on global warming, now climate change, the younger generation is seeing the light, too.

Lauren Bush, daughter of Neil Bush and ex-wife Sharon, niece of the President, is a graduate of Princeton University and a vegetarian since the age of 4, according to today's Houston Chronicle. She has been in the world of fashion for many years now, at the ripe old age of 23, and is recognizable as a model for Tommy Hilfiger. Her long-time boyfriend is the son of Ralph Lauren. Insert joke - if they marry, she'll be Lauren Lauren.

Lauren has designed reusable grocery bags out of sturdy burlap and they are called the FEED Bag. Her boyfriend's connections helped her find a manufacturer. She devotes her time, full-time, to raising money for the U.N. food program and proceeds go to feed Rwandan children. Each bag sold sponsors 100 meals.

Her bag is a little difference as it is practical - it comes in a zip-up burlap pouch which fits in a purse. As the pouch opens, the bottom of the bag is formed. She uses her bag as a handbag and conversation starter.

"We grew up with the computer. Everyone is conferencing on BlackBerrys or e-mailing or texting, so you're just interconnected. You can't help but be aware and conscious about what's happening in the world. It's at your fingertips."

When asked about politics she says that is to be left to others in her family. "This is a humanitarian effort, not a political effort. Everyone should feed hungry people."

So far, she's sold more than 30,000 bags at the price of $59.95 each over the span of the past year. She's recently partnered with Whole Foods to sell the bags in those stores. So, when Senator Obama goes to his local Whole Foods in search for arugula, he may just purchase a bag from Lauren Bush.

Or not.


American said...

And so he (Obama) should,” purchase a bag from Lauren Bush" that is. I admire her not getting tangled in political speak, for which she may not be qualified anyway. Nothing wrong with wanting to feed hungry people so good luck to her...

btw: All the best with joining Blogburst, if I recall correctly it took about a month to get my first one featured. If you have any questions, find email on my profile page...Oh and don't forget to let us know when success strikes...and on that note it's hailing like mad over here, and freezing! brrr@gore...

Karen said...

Thanks for the kind words, Otto. I'll take you up on the offer of answering questions if some come my way. At this point, I don't even know what to ask!

Incognito said...

Well, that's cool. Problem with reusable totes.. i'd always forget them.

And I've always felt that if you are going to work in the arts or humanitarian fields you should leave politics out of it. The director/artistic director of my show is very leftist and always brings in politics during his preshow rant. I'm sure it turns off a lot of people.

congrats on Blogburst too. Have both my blogs there. It really doesn't do much, frankly. Have had a lot of posts published, but hasn't brought that much traffic. My post on Obama and his Church ( a while back) has had 2,346 hits on the Chicago Sun Times site.. but only about 183 people actually clicked through. But it's fun. and email me too if you have questions.