Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Your Distraction Is Our Fact

So, we have it. Last night's primary results point to the fact that Obama will now stop beating up on Hillary and focus on McCain. Hillary will be out soon enough.

Obama, in his victory speech, said he would not be focusing on 'distractions' as his opponent will. He doesn't know John McCain. That's the problem with a rookie. Obama is lucky he's running against John McCain and not a more traditional candidate. Mr. Change is just another politician groomed by the machine on the south side of Chicago and thanks to the long primary process, there is no more denying who he really is. Obama thought he'd write his own story, like in his two books at such a young age, and repeat catch phrases that intrigue audiences as he used his oratory skills in speeches on teleprompters, never really fleshing out specifics and slide on into the nomination.

John McCain, not one to get down into the mud in a campaign, will not have to do it this time either.

Obama's associates will be a problem for him , like it or not. Now Obama fakes disgust that Americans question his association with Bill Ayers, the Weatherman terrorist and neighbor in Chicago. He forgets, I guess, that when he ran against Bobby Rush for his congressional seat, and lost, the race was billed as the Black Panther vs the Professor. See, it's ok if Barack is doing it.

Now we will all be called racist for opposing Barack Obama, the first viable black American running for President. Never mind he is the most liberal Senator in office or his questionable judgement about people with whom he associates. Never mind his bitter and angry wife out on the stump playing bad cop to his good cop. Oppose Obama? Racist.

It will be an interesting general election season.

Stephen King, the horror story writer and Obama supporter, for the record, is blasting Noel Sheppard of Sheppard wrote of a remark King made last month at a writers symposium for high school students: "I don't want to sound like an ad, a public service ad on tv, but the fact is if you can read, you can walk into a job later on. If you don't then you've got the Army, Iraq. I don't know, something like that. It's not as bright." Accompanying King were his wife and son.

After the remark went public by Sheppard, King encouraged fans to e-mail Sheppard to shut up. Yes, shut up. "That a right-wing-blog would impugn my patriotism because I said children should learn to read, and could get better jobs by doing so, is beneath contempt."

Oh, yeah, he said he supports the troops.

He just thinks they are not able to read or get another job.

If he wanted to encourage students to read, he would have said they should be readers. That's what others do when they visit groups to encourage literacy. Do you think Laura Bush says to them they should read or end up in Iraq?

Didn't King remember the idiocy of John Kerry's botched remark that he claimed was a joke when he was caught saying if students don't do well in school they end up in Iraq?

He supports the troops.

He just thinks they are stupid.

John Kerry also supports Obama.


Nikki said...

Nicely written. I can tell Obama is gonna get treated with kid gloves. You are right he doesn't know John McCain very well and I think when it comes right down to it America fears change and realizes things aren't as bad as the media would like us to think. His changes are strictly based on his magic and america is highly aware of his political pander. Nice going Steven King. Stick to writing novels and let the uneducated soldiers handle billion dollar equipment and keep us safe. What a tribute to our troops. he's a tool...:)N

Jo said...

The democratic party wants to guilt us into voting for B. Hussein Obama, calling us all racist if we don't. So if we vote our beliefs, mine lining up with McCain, I'm racist? (sigh)

American said...

That makes me racist too, but hey I'm not voting. King writes great novels full stop, Kerry is the most duplicitous liberal of the last quarter century and Hanks (yea, I know you didn't mention him) is an actor, so what do we expect, a Republican endorsement?

Debbie said...

I was surprised at Stephen King's statements. When he tried to smooth them over, he dug his hole deeper.

I'm concerned too that McCain will try to run such a 'nice' campaign, that he will allow Obama to run over him.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Z said...

debbie's right; McCain is just NOT that nice, and especially with such huge goals in his sight...I doubt he'll allow anyone to run over him.. And King sure did get his foot further and further down his big mouth.

I believe we'll have daily stories like this one once the nominee's selected; good McCain, bad Obama; Bad McCain, good obama; but the media will obviously have a LOT more GOOD OBAMA days,and that's what MCCain is going to have to fight.
Michelle Obama's on tape right now saying that "young people are not succeeding because WE have already TOLD them they can't succeeded!!" Excuse me, but is she against Jackson, Sharpton and Rangel? This is EXACTLY the way they've pimped their own people...keeping them down, telling them they can't succeed without THEM!, right?

Paul is a Hermit said...

That's the thing with most liberals like King, they'll never find a good reason to fight for their country and if they do, let others do it, they'll "support the troops."

Obama is what he is, liberals will cry about how every negative story is, old news. Or, we've been through that before.
But they tell the story of the man, and cannot be dismissed. Even though our media is selective on which, and whose, story to bury.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...


91% of black voters in NC went for Obama. So if we don't follow suit and vote Obama into the presidency, it must be because America's racist? Just which side is voting because of race, here?

I wonder if Barack doesn't win the presidency, if there will be any kind of Rodney King verdict type fallout? If the election is close- like Florida close- you can be sure there will be cries of fraud and stolen election.

Z said...

wordsmith...great point. They are voting for him BECAUSE of his skin color, but that's not racist. If we don't vote for him because of his skin color, that IS racist.

But, really, how long could it take to expose the fact that this guy's skin color has almost NOTHING to do with how we vote; How long will it take to show he's an empty suit, whether that's a White or Black body beneath that suit?

Incognito said...

They have already said that if Obama doesn't get the nom there will be a backlash from the black voters. Same thing will probably happen if he does not win the election. There will most definitely be cries of racism. and sad thing, it has NOTHING to do with racism. I would have no problem voting for a black president or even a black, female preisdent, just not Obama.