Monday, May 19, 2008

The Lord of Perpetual Victimhood

The Lexington Herald-Leader ran an interesting article on Obama's efforts in the state of Kentucky for the upcoming Tuesday primary. Hillary is expected to win big, as she did in West Virginia so Obama is not exerting much energy to campaign in the state.

Not to worry, though, you Kentucky voters. He'll see you later as he runs for President in the general election. He said, "When we're able to campaign in a place like Iowa for several months and I can visit and talk to people individually, I do very well. That's harder to do at this stage in the campaign." Then to back his decision, he blamed Fox News for "disseminating rumors about him and said that that and e-mails filled with misinformation that have been "systematically" dispersed have hurt him in Kentucky."

Rick Moran writing at his blog, Rightwing Nuthouse, has a good post about this continued whining from the man who hopes to be the next leader of the free world. Moran is a Chicago-area blogger and informed voice on the politics of the city. Head over there and check it out.

I don't like whining in children and I certainly don't like whining in adults. But it does fit a pattern of action from the Obama camp, doesn't it. Now, this morning he and Michelle were doing the usual puff piece on a morning news chat show and he says Michelle is off-limits for public criticism. Evidently the Tennessee GOP has an ad running that quotes Michelle and that is just not acceptable to the up and coming next American president. He calls it 'snippets' as he always does when quotes are used that reflect badly on him and his people around him.

I understand a husband coming to the defense of a wife. I'd expect it, as a matter of fact. However, when it is the political arena, when the spouse is billed as 'The Closer' by the campaign, when the spouse is an Ivy League trained lawyer, when the spouse draws her own crowds at her very own events, then she is to be held accountable, too.

She knows it. Obama knows it. But, when her remarks, from the very beginning of his campaign, have offended and angered voters - those in normal lives, in regular communities all across the country - her bitterness and anger is open for criticism. She began the campaign with statements of her opinion that Barack could be shot just going to the gas station, because he's a black man in America. Obama was given special secret service protection right away, to ward off racist threats, we were told. OK. Then Michelle was taped saying for the very first time in her life she is really proud of her country. And why is that, Michelle? She said it wasn't only because Barack is doing well, but that's exactly what the reason is. Then the media willfully did their own preferred 'snippet' of the speech and used a later quote of the first quote where Michelle takes out the 'really' adjective of her pride in America. I suppose that softens her vanity.

The wife of the post-racial candidate is overheard saying she needs more white people up on stage with her. Yes, it is normal for campaigns to stage the look of the crowd. But, aren't these folks different? They say they are. Michelle says a focus on an issue doesn't help her children. Her children. Not the children of America, which she added later.

She complained, intentionally or not, that it's hard making it out there. What with private dance lessons and summer camps for the kids, paying back student loans to those Ivy League schools and all that entails. She said she asked Barack, where's the money, if he's related along the line to Dick Cheney. Where's the money.

Now she's hurt, she's being criticised. She knew exactly what she was doing all along. She is a professional woman in Chicago, earning big bucks and sitting on corporate boards (while her husband bashes lobbyists) and like it or not, she is a woman of privilege. If she was not striving for her lifestyle, then why did she pursue the paths she pursued all along? The school choices, the career choices, the choice of husband? I know it is the left's desire to continue with the victimhood line of thought but for her it was personal choice. Grow up.

The very fact that she and her husband live the lives they do today is the counter argument to her victimhood whining. Despite what she says, America is not a 'mean country', as she also told an audience on the campaign trail.

So, Obama is whining about a new subject today. His wife is being criticised. It's those mean spirited Republicans. They must be bitter, gun toting, Bible carrying, typical white people down there in Tennessee. He implies if people aren't voting for him then they must be racists. Never mind they may just not agree with his political philosophy and it has nothing to do with skin color. Hey, he's a black man in America.

Our Lord of Perpetual Victimhood.

When Obama is given pass after pass in the media, does he notice? Probably not. I think he is so self satisfied that he just expects such treatment and that is why he whines when it doesn't happen his way. He calls a reporter 'sweetie' and the media brushes it off. Can you imagine if McCain said that? He'd be a senile old pervert. Obama said in recent remarks about Bush's speech in Israel that Bush called him 'a appeaser' when the proper grammar was 'an appeaser'. When Bush does that sort of thing, well, he's stupid. Bush's Yale and Harvard education doesn't matter in the world of the smugness of the left.

Where was the outrage from Obama when Bush and his family have been attacked on the most personal of levels? We have been told for more than 7 years that Bush, his wife and his daughters are fair game. The level of hatred aimed at the Bush family hasn't been seen in public discourse, certainly not in my lifetime.

The Obama campaign, led by the candidate, has put Michelle out there as a surrogate of the candidate. She has been billed as intelligent, strong, out-spoken, and fiercely supportive of her husband. To cry victim now is ridiculous. It is her husband, after all, who states that words matter, remember?

Americans expect a whole lot better of their next First Lady.


Nikki said...

I agree, I was considering posting the Tennessee GOP clip on the blog today. Their whining is getting so old...I think his frequent use of the word "attack" is going to bite him in the butt. Appeasers usually are whiney. He is proving who he is every time he opens his mouth. It is agrivating me to no end...great article. I will check out the right wing nut site. :)N

Jennifer said...

When Obama responds directly to a political attack, it's hysterical whining. When McCain screams and blubbers ageism after being called out for losing his high moral campaign ground bearings and stomps his feet demanding apologies for every perceived slight, it's...what?

Anonymous said...

Layla at The Hill Chronicles posted a YouTube video on "words matter." Someone did a good job helping short-memory Americans not to forget those words. I thought you might be interested.

I completely agree with you. Stop whining . . . and by the way, can we all just vote tomorrow and get this over with?

Karen said...

Nice try.

AC said...

yup,yup, us Tennesseans are all that...I probably can find a latin phrase for it...lemme get ma book.

Karen, I agree on the Makers Mark...good stuff for bourbon (scotch girl here) T's favorite. We're planning a visit to a distillery this trip through Kentucky (next Friday) - they weren't open in August last year when we went for the Braves games.

Karen said...

The husband prefers scotch but drinks bourbon. I hope you enjoy the tour and the free sample!

Incognito said...

if he does, God forbid, become the next prez, he's going to need to thicken his dang hide, cos he's going to be fodder for plenty of folk.. unless they're all too fearful to say anything.