Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What Kind of a Tree Are You?

An interesting post on the Confederate Yankee's blog caught my eye. The story retold on the post was of a young Fox News staffer and the reason she was fired. The reason of her dismissal? She told John McCain that she voted for him in her primary because her father is a Vietnam veteran. Here's the blurb: "a 24 year old Fox News Chanel production assistant was fired this morning for something she said during the red carpet arrivals at the Time 100 Gala last night. Insiders tell us the assistant, identified as Jennifer Locke, was on assignment with a camera crew to cover the entertainment angle of the event. When Sen. John McCain walked by, the assistant said, "I voted for you in the primary, you're going to win." McCain was overheard saying to her, "You're not supposed to reveal that." Locke apparently continued to explain that she is the daughter of Vietnam veteran."

McCain correctly admonished the young woman, gently, and Fox News did the right thing by dismissing her from employment. She will look back and be thankful as she continues in the entertainment business, I think. She learned a valuable lesson.

Too bad those at all the other networks have not been taught the same lesson. When does MSNBC dismiss the likes of Matthews, and Obermann, and NBC lets go Meredith Vierra? And, CBS fires Katie Couric? Oh yeah. But she'll be let go for ratings not for her lack of professionalism.

Think of the times you've simply clicked the channel because you can't believe a word you are hearing due to the editorial comments of the news readers. Think about Chris Matthews, a former political staffer for Tip O'Neill and his remarks about the tingling up his leg over Obama. It's enough to make a person gag. He should hang his head in shame yet he doesn't even realize he is doing anything wrong. The trend towards those on television choosing a presidential nominee is truly troubling. Time and Newsweek have all but officially proclaimed Obama as the next President. Newsweek has quite the hit piece on the Republican party in the new issue, declaring that the famous Republican 'attack machine' has gotten votes due to scaring voters and it's mostly those stupid people in middle America who don't make a lot of money and go to church. Newsweek is a joke.

And, for more entertainment joking, are you as creeped out by Barbara Walters and her revelations in her new book as I am? Dear Lord. I haven't read the book, Audition, and don't plan on it either. I just don't feel right being an accomplice to her sacrificing the reputations and privacy of all her former lovers, including a Republican, black, married politician from Massachusetts more than 30 years ago. I'm sure her only problem with that equation was the fact that he was a Republican. The horror.

I need a bath. Bad enough we have interviewers like her to thank for moving the entertainment shows to the lowest common denominator. She even mentions she had to chose between interviewing President Bush or Mary Kay Letourneau for her last appearance on the show 20/20. Letourneau, you may remember, made news for her conviction of having a sexual relationship with a student as well as having two children with him as she divorced her husband and left her own children. She chose Letourneau, of course.

Class act, that one.


Z said...

I'm not quite getting why the Fox employee was fired. For saying she voted for him in the primary? For saying he's going to WIN? What, has she some classified news that wasn't supposed to come out?

Help me here! What am I missing?

As for Barbara Walters? She's pitiful...How AWFUL to do this to a man who's still alive, and who has children and an ex wife. WHAT purpose? To show she's SO open minded she's shtoop a REPUBLICAN? And a BLACK ONE, at that???? of course that's it.
You can bet on it.

Karen said...

The Fox woman was fired, according to what I read, because it is not ethical behavior to tell a candidate that he/she has your vote as they are suppose to be non-partisan. That's what I took from it anyway. And, that's what McCain was trying to tell her - to not do that on the job.

Nikki said...

Karen...interesting post. I am sure there are libs who will think the firing was to save their reputation as to why she was hired in the first place...she was probably hot and conservative.
BABS WAWA is a clown. She has gone from respected journalist to sensation queen. Her show the view is the worst show on TV...she gives a sounding board to lame liberals and hires a weak conservative...I agree can it already old lady and stick to news telling not tales from the bedroom...:)N

Paul is a Hermit said...

You named a lot of them, Karen, there's more too, like Geraldo.
You know who impresses me lately? Juan Williams of Fox. He is really speaking his mind! I wish I could repeat the list of categories he gave tonight regarding subjects that, if brought up against Obama, will get one labeled a racist.
Of course, Brit Hume is always good.

There must have been other reasons to dismiss the young lady. Seems a warning might suffice.

Karen said...

Juan Williams was rockin' on the panel with Hume tonight! Even the husband commented on it - and he is a strong critic of Williams normally. And, yeah, Brit Hume is always good.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Of course she chose the teacher, she could then blame Bush for the state of public education.

I do hope the young lady learns her lesson and keeps her politics to herself next time.

Karen said...

Hey Vegas Art Guy,
I saw the comment and thought "oh, crap." Not that you commented, but that I'm guilty of spacing out doing the tag. I'm gonna do it.

Jo said...

I lost respect for Barbara WaWa a long time ago, so her revelation that she was in an adulterous relationship doesn't surprise me. Liberals are all about having fun and screw the rules or morals.

Oh -- and those 200,000+ in WV yesteday ... does Obama really believe they will turn tail and vote for him in the General?

Karen said...

Well said. I think Obama is in real trouble with the regular voters, especially middle class white voters who don't fall for his fluff and no substance, say one thing and have advisors say privately he doesn't mean it, kind of old politics. They realize that he's just another product of the Chicago machine. He didn't count on being exposed so early.

Warwick Circle said...

I can understand why Fox News would dismiss her and echo your sentiment about Oberman etc... However on the opposite side Hannity's radio show constantly states "Stop Hillary" and/or "Stop Obama". Do we distinguish between news shows and shows that are opinion. (which is where I lump most of the talking heads). Enjoy your post.

Beverly said...

Karen, thanks for wading through all the news and giving your views.

I hadn't heard that about the Fox employee either.

I really like what Juan Williams had to say on FoxNews. To me right now he is one of the clearer thinkers.

And Barbara Walters is just so passe. Yuck.

Karen said...

Welcome Warwick Circle,
I have no problem with shows labeled as commentary and opinion, like Hannity and Colmes, or O'Reilly for that matter, giving political opinions. That's what they do.

However, others who call themselves 'journalists' like Matthews, etc., are held to a higher standard.