Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Covering Obama

If Afghanistan is so crucial in the mind of Barack Obama, why hasn't he called even one hearing on the subject, as he is the chair of the subcommittee with oversight on all things Afghanistan? Just a thought.

Does Barack Obama understand that al-Queda doesn't have any bases of operation in Afghanistan; that they move in and out from Pakistan?

I find the staging of the photo ops for Barack Obama and his props, Senators Hagel and Reed, interesting. Every trick in the book has been used to send the appearance that Obama is the President of the United States. And, with his drooling fans previously known as the American journalists, his people have been quite successful. Two of his people even made the gaffe of referring to Obama in terms of the office yesterday and had to be corrected by press. The fact that the reporters corrected him is surprising in itself.

Obama met with General Petraeus and has decided to disagree with the General. Obama refuses to admit his error in judgement about the surge. Obama dwells on the money going to Iraq - money he'll have to have for his social programs. Hey, Marxism is expensive.

Even drooling Katie Couric was a bit incredulous that Obama won't give the surge credit in the very security that allows him his big adventure into the region. Arrogance is a tricky trait. Obama oozes arrogance and sometimes it trips him up. He has placed himself into a box over Iraq and wishing for defeat there so that he can feel better about the positions he has taken. It's always all about politics for Barry. He is not a person who serves his country out of love of country. He serves out of love of himself. This is clearer the longer Barry is in the spotlight. He won't even admit he understands that without the surge, without the Sunni leaders understanding that the U.S. was staying until the job is done, there would have been no coming together of the Sunni and Shiite leaders. His arrogance is not becoming.

I think that's a good thing. The American voter just may begin to put the pieces together. Even the Washington Post is awakening from their Obama-induced stupor.

From the expose in the Houston Press about the arrogance of Obama tossing a wad of paper into a trash receptacle in D.C. and missed. He kept walking and glances over his shoulder to see if an aide picks it up for him. He has a perpetual posture of lifting his nose in the air as he speaks. He thinks it makes him look dignified. He is offended when called a 'politician', though were it not for the political machine of the southside of Chicago he would be a corporate lawyer in the city. Like his wifey who demands college grads do no such thing. Do as I say...Not as I do.

There's some change for you. Right.

The magazines and weekly 'news' magazines can't put out enough covers for Obama. Nightly moderators on cable tv can't speak lovingly enough about their guy. No jokes teasing Obama, though, as he has no sense of humor. Just continue on with the nightly jokes recycled over and over about McCain being old. How clever.

When President Bush implemented a faith based section of the government eligible for federal funds, all hell broke loose from secular America. You would have thought the Pope moved into an office in the West Wing. Then Barry, trolling for religious voters, decided to take the idea as his own and tweak it. Problem is, he took out the very essence of the office - the part where the government doesn't dictate the people the agencies hire to receive funding. Can't have religious people working in religious non-profits. Marxist leaders will tell you what is acceptable in your life; there is no room for making your own decisions.

Yet, the weekly news magazines have devoted pages and cover stories about the 'faith' of Obama. His religious views. His religious home in Chicago, however, is far from the Kansas values a campaign ad professes Obama shares. His mother is the Kansas link and her family moved from there to Washington State when the mother was a young girl. Then they relocated in Washington State so that she could attend a school on Mercer Island known for its Marxist teachers. There are no "Kansas" values in her family. Obama calls his mother's political views his touchstone.

The gaffes of Obama are not to be spoken about. For such a smart guy - editor of Harvard Law Review - he makes some big ones. It's to be expected after running a campaign non-stop since he was elected back in his Illinois legislature days. Each election he runs for the next step up. That's how he became the Democrat nominee with only 1 year's worth of experience in the U.S. Senate and before that a back-bencher in a state legislature. But, wait. He's bi-racial and a nifty speech reader. Oh. Ok.

A divided Jerusalem? Maybe. What day is it? Immediate withdrawal from Iraq, or a structured timetable? What day is it? A diversified energy policy? No way. Only beholden to the most extreme, no matter the issue. Just like dear old mom. His touchstone.

So, now he's moved on to the European segment of his summer vacation. He'll be filming lots of good stuff for the fall campaign cycle. The arrogance of his campaign, lead by the arrogant candidate, was hoping for the shots of drooling throngs of Europeans listening to their guy from the Brandenburg Gates. Looks like that was scrapped. Turns out it was a bit too arrogant even for Barry.

Every so often the past couple of days, a few in the American press have begun to notice the unevenness of coverage for this candidate. The candidate of post-racial, post-partisan America. He is foolishly stubborn on his lapses in judgement concerning national security. He treats his taxpayer funded 'fact finding' trips as campaign stumps and writes op-ed pieces on his conclusions of a trip not yet taken. He has a team of over 300 advisers on foreign policy yet still gets it wrong. He belittles the troops by saying their mission had nothing to do with anything in Iraq, yet uses them (especially the soldiers of color) as photo op props. Don't say anything about anything, though, or you're a racist.

It's nonsense.

Barack Obama is a shamefully opportunistic politician. Just another politician. His career is all important. He enjoys full support from the press - even to the point of The New York Times rejecting a McCain op-ed to balance the Obama pre-trip op-ed.

There were no clamouring hordes of journalists accompanying McCain as he toured Columbia recently. A really newsworthy rescue of hostages occurred as he left the country yet little notice was evident. Katie, John and Charlie didn't drop everything and go on tour with the cool kids.

Obama may want to remember that the American voter doesn't think too highly of the press. The McCain campaign has a good ad on their web site about the press coverage.


Z said...

Great piece, karen, but DON'T YOU KNOW?... Alan Colmes says the reason the sycophants didn't chase McCain to Europe and the ME was because "he didn't INVITE them!"...of course, if one DOES 'invite them', one has to PAY for their presence..did Obama!?

OH! I'm just hearing the radio news mention that McCain was in N Hampshire yesterday! How'd they know? there was only ONE reporter at the airport when he arrived. yup.

I'm going to go check the McCain site for that ad you mention here. Maybe, some day soon?, the McCain handlers will realize they need to STOP PREACHING TO THE CHOIR!! We already KNOW THAT THE MEDIA'S BIASED~!!!

Nikki said...

Z took th ewords out of my mouth...great piece. According to Petreaus the reason Afghanistan is feeling pinched at the moment is because Al Quada in Iraq ia running scared BACK to Afghanistan. He is lying again and portraying his policy as ground breaking. I agree with this entire post...I am finding him so nauseating its hard to watch him on TV ever...and he is on the stupid box ALL THE TIME! :)N

Nikki said...

Oh by the way I am going to headline this piece on my blog if you don't mind! :)N

Kris, in New England said...

Agreed, 100%. And if there is any lingering doubt about his ego, the arrogance of the man, check out the poster announcing his rally in Germany.

Yup - a poster. For a rally. But no, it's not a campaign thing or anything.

Barack Obama for President...of the world.

Change - You Will Regret.

Karen said...

Yeah, the taxpayers are paying for Obama's vacation. And the campaign commercials to come.

Thanks. You can use my stuff anytime.

It is so obnoxious and obvious. Even the WaPo has been shamed into saying something about his attitude.

Incognito said...

Great post Karen,

He is supremely arrogant, but he's an elitist, after all.
I wonder if there isn't a little narcissism in his personality. A much more charming version of Chavez, who has multiple personality disorders, in my mind.

I just find him totally disingenuous.

And yet there are still hordes who will not look past his outward charisma.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Great piece, and thanks for having me on your blogroll. I'll add you to mine ASAP! Keep up the great work!
(Maybe you'd like to be considered for the Dumb Ox Bloggregator? Consider that an invitation.)
All the best,
D. Ox

Freadom said...

Great post. I think it's well worthy of a link on Nikki's blog.

I'm not convinced we really need to worry about the old media influencing elections anymore. More and more people every day are turning away from the old media and clicking on the new.

How else would you explain McCain and Obama being in a virtual tie, when Obama gets all the old media press?

Just a thought.

Beverly said...

Great post, Karen. Write on!!!

Z said...

You mention how McCain has an ad about Obama on his website. SO WHAT? This is a HUGE problem...on HIS WEBSITE? Well, that's effective, right?WHEN is he going to get OUT there?

As I mentioned at my blog:
yesterday it was :




I personally think the McCain handlers have decided it's cheaper for Obama to show his real (non)stuff than have McCain point it out PLUS, this way, McCain doesn't look nasty if he does criticize Obama too hard..

So far, I think your commenter Freadom is right.......this is TIGHT, how COME?

Still, McCain needs to start. Obama's EVERYWHERE!!