Saturday, July 19, 2008

Travelogue Saturday

Greetings from the beautiful Hill Country of Texas. My son is officially oriented as an incoming Freshman and we all love his choice of school. So far, so good.

Son and I drove over Thursday, after dropping Max off at the vet's for boarding. The tech told me it's a full house there this weekend so he'll have lots of playmates. And, I remembered to bring a bag of treats for them to disperse over the weekend. I can't pick him up until after 4 on Monday, as he'll be groomed there Monday and he'll be all clean and smell good when I fetch him.

Freshman Orientation began Friday and Parent Orientation, too. Son went off with his clan and I with mine. The husband, however, could not get away from his job site until Friday afternoon so he missed the day's activities. He arrived by early evening. Son stayed in a dorm with his fellow incoming Freshmen. By 9 this morning I had a text message from him, saying hi and checking in. His dad and I went over for the last of the Parent session after firming up all the finance matters with the Financial Aid office. He's all set and ready for school to begin with move-in day Aug 23.

I'll think about that later.

Originally son and I expected the husband not to be able to get away from his work in Abilene for the weekend but since he did, we extended our stay. We'll be staying tonight and head out tomorrow. Him back to Abilene and us back to Houston. Oreo the cat will be wondering what in the world happened to his people. Not to mention his can of gourmet cat food he receives for breakfast every morning. He's had to make due with the dry stuff.

This afternoon we did some sightseeing as we had a free afternoon together. We visited the Museum of Western Arts and it was very nice. Then, we went on down the road to the town of Bandera. Known as the Cowboy Capital of the World, many western movies have been filmed in the area. John Wayne filmed more than one there, the most notable being "Stagecoach". Western art and movies are not my usual genre but it was fun. We ate an early supper at a place The Duke frequented back in the day and the guys had fine steaks, grilled on an outdoor set up. I enjoyed the chicken enchiladas. On the way back we stopped at a roadside market set up by an organic farmer and the husband got his fix of boiled peanuts and the son picked out some organically grown peaches. Snacks for later.

Now the husband and I are enjoying adult beverages and son is vegging out with a carbonated beverage and the tv remote.

Life is good.


Wendy said...

So glad things have gone well, Karen. We felt sure it was a good place for him! It is a nice school. Enjoy your drive back to the city.

Our student/parent orientation and move in is Aug. 22. The "fun" begins all too soon....

Wendy :)

Beverly said...

Oh, I remember those days. It is an exciting time for your son. I hope that he has a wonderful experience in his university life.

Beverly said...

I read about your husband's boiled peanuts over at Vicki's. Yum, yum. I could eat my weight in them...except for the salt. I have to watch that...definitely a Southern thing.

Z said...

It must be a Southern thing!

So glad you are enjoying yourselves and feeling good about the school, etc.! have fun!

Layla Gonzalez said...

That is wonderful! I am glad it worked out for you and your son. My son just finished his orientation at the University of Maryland. I am really proud of him - he works so hard.

Debbie said...

Life is good, I'm thankful. Enjoy every minute.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Nikki said...

AAAHHH this is a glimpse into my future! I have enjoyed the journey you have shared with your son. What a great family you have! Tell your son good luck with everything. He sounds like a great kid...oops, young man!

Incognito said...

Sounds like a great time.. glad he is all settled until he actually settles in.

Janie said...

My...that empty nest has come around, hasn't it? Is your son excited?

BTW - Abilene is 2 hrs away. If y'all find yourselves in the area, please call - maybe we can get together!