Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Yes, it's hot enough for me. Thanks.

I think the reason books in the Summer Reading category are light and quick to read is because our brains don't function so well in the summer heat. And, our attention spans are short. Shorter than usual. I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to even turn on the computer, much less put fingers on the keyboard.

Did you hear of the non-impeachment hearings conducted by the House Judiciary Committee last Friday? Talk about the inmates running the asylum. You'll remember it was Committee Chair John Conyers who was hell-bent for impeachment hearings before the Dems took over Congress in 2006 election. Then, Pelosi put the skids on that and Conyers was all about denying he ever even had the thought. He took down the whole impeachment idea off his web site, too. Well, the worm turned and his pal and failed Presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich has introduced a motion into the record in Congress and Conyers gave it all a hearing.

The usual far left suspects did their thing. Zoe Lofgren, D-CA, claimed President Bush was "the worst president that our nation has ever suffered." Perhaps someone should send dear Zoe a history textbook - and not one written by Howard Zinn.

Rep. Maurice Hinchley, D-NY, said, "This is the most impeachable administration in the history of America because of the way that it has clearly violated the law."

Rep. Lamar Smith, R-TX, the one who referred to the testimony of Scott McCleland as a meeting of the Book of the Month Club said, "It seems that we are hosting an anger management class. This hearing will not cause us to impeach the president; it will only serve to impeach Congress's credibility." Yes.

And, a sane voice from a George Mason University School of Law professor, Jeremy Rabkin: "I am really astonished at the mood in this room. The tone of these deliberations is slightly demented. You should all remind yourselves that the rest of the country is not necessarily in this same bubble in which people think it is reasonable to describe the president as if he were Caligula." Yes.

Here's a thought - if there is some free time for dithering away the time, how about these Congress monkeys sit down and actually do something. How about some honest work on energy policy or tax relief for small business or health care insurance reform or social security reform or voting on judicial nominations. Just off the top of my head.

Today House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, said she'll not consider any votes on increased drilling as energy policy. "I'm trying to save the planet." The sheer arrogance of this woman. She thinks she is so powerful that she will save the planet. That humans today will save the planet. From what? Yes, we can help the quality of the air and water, but, really. Get over yourselves. Nature has survived since the beginning of the earth and will continue to do so. Al Gore has made enough millions from the lemming mentality of the population believing the utter nonsense coming out of the mouth of this guy. He's not a scientist. He flunked out of Divinity School at Vanderbilt. Seven of his main points in his film have been totally discredited. Incredible.

Congress is at 9% favorable rating. Looking for someone to impeach? Impeach Pelosi and Reed.


Kris, in New England said...

Nancy Pelosi, is a tool.

Sorry, got nothing more eloquent than that.

Beverly said...

Who elected Nancy Pelosi? Save the planet? I totally agree with your last statement...impeach her and that Harry Reed and kick them all out.

Debbie said...

They should be voting on drilling, bot nooooooooooooooo

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Incognito said...

Impeach the whole dang congress... I get so sick of this whole impeach Bush/Cheney idiocy.

Maybe it's the heat..makes ME less tolerant. But I'm with you on the unmotivated.. have been entirely unmotivated since I got back from the show. thought it was just that.. maybe it's the heat.