Thursday, July 31, 2008

Edwards New Woman

Last week, former Senator from North Carolina and candidate for President John Edwards was in town. He was shown in a photo in the Houston Chronicle posing with the group ACORN, a group riddled with corruption and questionable tactics for voter registration drives. He was doing his anti-poverty schtick. Many local Democrats in upper tiers of city government and political activity are shown smiling in the background, clapping with delight as Edwards holds up a t-shirt with the Texas ACORN logo on it.

Wonder how some of those women feel now that more of the personal life of this guy have bubbled up to the surface of the written media and late night talk show hosts' comedy bits? Maybe it's just sex, like with Clinton, and it just doesn't matter to them. It's really only a scandal if it's a Republican, right?

So, the multi-millionaire trial lawyer, the son of a mill worker and decades long married man is being exposed as a secret lover to a 'new age' filmmaker who worked on videos for his most recent failed Presidential campaign. And, oh by the way, there is a baby involved.

Remember back almost a year ago when the political gossip pages were peppered with speculation that a rumor would be verified and it would not be good for a Democrat candidate running for President? Everyone was speculating that it was probably the boilerplate stuff about Hill and Bill and the spectrum that was all over the map on them. Well, looks like the folks got it wrong. The question is, was it deliberate?

It is with the hints of karma, baby, karma, that now Fox News has confirmed that Edwards was in a Los Angeles hotel Monday night, a story published by Times Online, which is rapidly becoming a daily read for me as this publication seems to know more of what is going on in the U.S. political scene then our own media will report. They are refreshingly untarnished with adulation of the Chosen One, too. So, there's that. The news network, however, has been mum on the story just like all the rest of the tv networks. Again, if it was a Republican involved, we'd have heard all the allegations months ago.

Remember the breathless story of the alleged affair involving John McCain and the lobbyist, though there was no on the record confirmations and only 'unnamed' sources used for that story? It was front page news.

It was John Edwards that was the first Democrat running for President this time around that insisted that all Democrats kowtow to the likes of George Soros and all that he controls and boycott Fox News.

Now a national tabloid publication has run the story of Edwards and this woman. They wrote that Edwards was in Los Angeles attending a meeting on homelessness and was dropped off at a side entrance to the Beverly Hilton about 9:45 Monday night. There were two rooms booked for the woman using a friend's name. In the wee hours of the morning Edwards was seen and confronted by journalists. His face 'went totally white' and he ran down the hall to a restroom. He was later escorted out of the hotel by hotel security. A guard confirmed the story to Fox News and said that Edwards asked him what the reporters were saying.

Later, the story goes, the LA Times demanded their bloggers stay away from the story. They used the pretext that it was only a tabloid story. However, Mickey Kaus, blogger for Slate, leaked the memo and noted the LA Times and other papers didn't want to cover the story when Edwards was a candidate and now that the story is out, it looks like the media cover up that it was. Oops.

There are some speculating that some don't want to cover the story because Elizabeth Edwards is battling terminal cancer. Some say a former Clinton administration official now has a controlling stake in the tabloid and he encouraged resources to be put into the investigation to get Edwards out of nomination contention, therefore helping Hillary.

The videos produced by the woman, who was paid $114,000 for her work, have been taken off Edwards' site. Some newspapers, like The Washington Post, are claiming they are waiting for the tabloid to publish photos to back up the story before they report on it. Also, since Edwards isn't formally running for office now, it isn't a big news story.

Edwards most recently has been vying for the VP slot on the Obama ticket. "I'm prepared to consider anything, anything Obama asks me to do for our country" he said when asked if he'd be part of a new administration. Rumors floated that Edwards may be considered for Attorney General or some kind of anti-poverty czar.

On a side note, maybe all the headlines about Edwards anti-poverty work are making the press because the latest figures put out by research groups for the homeless non-profits point out that the number of homeless in our country are at an all time low. Edwards and his group would have to continue with the thread that the current administration is evil and cruel to the poor. Facts are tricky things. You may remember that critics from homeless advocacy groups blamed the Clinton administration for doing photo ops and feel good outreach and little else. Edwards was a Senator then, where was all his legislative effort?

Thanks to favorite blogger, Bookworm, for the link to the Times Online story.


Beverly said...

Lowlife. I do feel bad for his wife.

StandupGuy? said...

To bad this has had to be smeared all over the blogosphere. It serves no purpose other than the right wing's obsession with sex. This should have been a private matter for the Edwards family since Edwrds isn't running for public office. The MSM media has hyped Edwards as a possible Obama VP candidate. Our country has serious problems(mortgage crisis, soaring food & gas prices, loss of jobs, etc.) and the right wing media cares more about an alleged affair of a former presidential candidate indiscretion. Just shows our country has fallen into "sheep mentality" of the media.

Chuck said...

I've got to say that stand up has helped prove your point quite nicely, if it's a Dim it's private, if it's a GOPer it's front page news.

Does anybody else here love that it's the Enquirer though? A tabloid rag is going to expose John Edwards for what he is and the "respectable" media is going to bury their head in the sand and bury yet another story for a fellow liberal to protect him.

Z said...

chuck, exactly right about 'standupguy's comment....imagine if it had been a Republican?

The really typical thing, and so telling about our left, is that Edwards was STILL way up on the list of viable canididates for Obama AS this story was getting more and more known. They just don't CARE what their side does...NO PROBLEM.

But, let a Republican.....

Incognito said...

You got it. No-on cares, as long as it's a democrat. I guess some people think that libs are entitled, whereas conservatives are holier than thou and should be held to a higher standard. they love to see them fall.

edward's has always struck me as a sleeze.

Nikki said...

I am not shocked by this. Any guy who will pay upwards of 400 dollars for a haircut is a me he and his wife seemed like an odd couple. She is kind of frumpy and plain, not to mention that she looks 15 years older than him and he is a media lust object...the two just didn't seem to fit. He looks like a player anyway...who am I to judge but I am doing it anyway! :)N

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Edwards is kinda hot. And Rich. And Famous. No surprize he also functions like a hootchie magnet.

To Standup guy? - hold up! The NY TImes made a fake smear page one news on McCain a while back. So far the lame stream media hasn't really touched this.

Which actually disproves yopur sheep mental point.

Just saying...