Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Palin Smear De-Bunked

While the press gives a pass to the daily gaffes coming from the mouth of Democrat Vice Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, can you imagine the uproar if Gov. Sarah Palin had made some of his misstatements? How about the one that claimed FDR was President of the United States in 1929 during the collapse of Wall Street and then that FDR went on television to talk to the American people about it. Yeah. The press would be rubbing their hands together and laughing out loud about the ignorance. But, no, that's just Joe, isn't he funny, we are told.

After being in the Senate longer than John McCain, who we are told is too old and just another Washington politician, Joe Biden continues to benefit from the everyday bias of the American media. Biden is the one on the Democrat ticket who is suppose to bring heft to the ticket.

As the press continues to delight in falsely spreading every rumor possible, the more dishonest the better, about Gov. Sarah Palin, where are the filters? Where are those willing to actually think before opening their mouths to spread the ugliness while touting the candidate with even less experience than her at the top of the opposite ticket? The American public is treated each day and evening to more journalists who have simply become pundits and their latest nonsense about Palin.

The last doozy is the silliness of the sheltering of Palin. Yes, she should be more available to questions on the fly, but seriously. Those the loudest are the same who sit mutely as Obama passes through campaign stop after stop with no press availabilities. When Obama was at the U.N. in July, learning to speak with foreign leaders as Palin was doing this week, the same hacks for Obama criticizing Palin this week said nothing about the sheltering of Obama. The entitlement of the press exposes their assumption that they should call the shots in campaigns, and openly cheer for one candidate over another.

Yesterday another Palin family smear was shown the light of truth. The Palins oldest child, Track, has recently been deployed to Iraq. His mother, the governor of the state, officiated over the ceremony sending them off and then went on to do her first television prime time interview. She performed well, despite the arrogant schoolmarmish attitude of her interviewer, who also seemed to confuse some very basic answers to questions that should have been clear to someone who thought he was so smart.

The smear circulating about Track Palin was that he enlisted in the military to get out of criminal charges of vandalism of some school buses in Wasilla. Track Palin enlisted on September 11, 2007.

In 2005, four boys were involved in vandalizing school buses, with reports that brake lines were cut, mirrors were broken, and other broken glass on the buses. Schools were caused to shut down for one day, but that was the extent of the damage.

So, as the investigation into this incident was wrapping up and the smears were flying about the Palin family, newspapers with national readerships like the Washington Post were checking it out. An Anchorage talk radio station, KUDO (1080 Progressive Talk Radio) and Adventure Books in Seattle teamed up to investigate. The investigation is finished. They found no basis for these allegations. Track Palin had nothing to do with it. More than 25 people were interviewed and other sources checked, as doubts of the allegations surfaced. Then parents of boys who were involved contacted the investigators to tell the true story. The original whistleblower mistook one boy for Track Palin.

Also, none of the original damage reported was true. In reality, air was let out of tires and some of the block heaters were unplugged. School was shut down for one day. That part was true.

So, though a supermarket tabloid is set to run the false story this week to sell some of its rags, the story is another lie.

Obama, the candidate of choice of the smear machines, likes to say families are off limits. He whined as his wife, billed as "the closer" goes about the country raising money and speaking while saying outrageous quotes to booster her husband's campaign and her speech was questioned. That seems legitimate if your campaign is putting out a spouse and claiming how integral to the campaign that spouse is to success. But, this candidate is 'special' so his wife must be taken as such, too.

The Palin family, however, has been treated quite differently.


Wordnerd said...

I don't think the Obama camp needs to be concerned with whether we are "protecting" Palin from Biden (or the press). They should be more concerned with protecting Biden from himself.

Kris, in New England said...

The exchange of BDS for PDS has begun. It's all jealousy about Palin's life - she's a self-made success story. People can't stand that, especially in a woman.

Yes, I said it. It can't just be that Biden was chosen by The One that gives him a free pass on things like his statements about Hillary being a better choice or that FDR was on TV 2 years before he was elected when there was no TV - the list is endless.

No one questions Biden on who is watching over his family while he's on the campaign trail. No one is investigating his family like a bunch of vultures circling a carcass in the desert.

The media is SO in the tank for The One that even they can't see how sexist they are being with Palin.

And it's not just that - that's small potatoes compared to the general smear going on about this person. It's egregious no matter what the sex of the individual.

Obama wanted to run a clean campaign - which is something that just isn't possible anyway. I guess he forgot to mention it to his adoring media hordes.

Seriously - I wish it was November 5th and this was all over.

shoprat said...

To the left morality is a function of your political philosophy; if you are a fellow-leftists then no rules apply to you but conservatives need to observe all rules, real and imaginary.