Monday, September 29, 2008

Democrats Endorse Scorched Earth Politics

We just thought that the politics of personal destruction reached a crescendo in the years of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Look what is happening this election cycle. As the Democrats have spent the time and energy of blaming everything under the sun on George W. Bush and Republicans - while claiming to be wanting of bi-partisanship, we now have a Democrat running for President who is using his legal teams across the country to squash free speech via political ads.

The latest to hit the masses is the word from the NRA that "Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign has sent threatening letters to news agencies in Pennsylvania and Ohio to stop airing ads exposing his anti-gun record sponsored by the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF)."

And, this well before the ads even ran in either state.

"Barack Obama and his campaign are terrified of the truth," declared Chris W. Cox, Chairman of NRA-PVF. "Sen. Obama's statements and support for restricting access to firearms, raising taxes on guns and ammunition and voting against the use of firearms for self-defense in the home are a matter of public record. NRA-PVF will make sure that everyone knows of Obama's abysmal record on guns and hunting." Sounds like they are letting the gun-toting bitter people in more rural areas of the country know Obama's past record.

"The Obama campaign sent cease and desist letters to news outlets in Pennsylvania and Ohio, denouncing the ads and demanding their removal from the airwaves. All stations where NRA-PVF has purchased or plans to purchase ads have been provided with documented evidence of Sen. Obama's anti-gun record."

South side politics from the great city of Chicago. From the guy promising change, a new kind of politics. Unfortunately, he didn't specify the kind of change and new kind of politics.

Obama campaign goons have once again hacked the web site of Macsmind. Gateway Pundit has the story. Also featured there is an interesting video showing Obama speaking about his intentions to disarm the military and the U.S. defense programs.

"The junior senator from Illinois promised an end to divisiveness, partisanship, and "politics as usual." Recent events illustrate the emptiness of these platitudes. Since August, Team Obama has fought a covert war against their opposition and muzzled them by any means available." That from Pajamas Media.

So, as the leadership in the Congress, Democrats, continue to fail to successfully lead our country, as they try to elect Obama as President so that the party will lead the executive and legislative bodies, and as they have nothing more productive to do than to blame Republicans for their failure to lead, it is not surprising that the administration's economic bailout failed. House Whip Blount had the votes to pass it this morning. Then Speaker of the House, Pelosi, decided to show her ass and speak on the floor just before the vote. She called it all the fault of Bush's 'failed policies', of unpatriotic Republicans, and on and on. So, those teetering decided to not vote along with the Democrats. The Democrats are in the majority. They could have passed it alone. 90 Democrats didn't vote with Pelosi and the party. Speaker Pelosi has only herself and her scorched earth policies to blame.

Pelosi gave a speech talking about failure before the vote was taken. Pelosi knew that only 70 Republicans had signed on to voting for the bill. 90 Democrats didn't sign on. Pelosi rushed the vote and blamed Republicans, choosing a food fight over mature leadership.

Confidence in Congress remains at an all time low.


Jo said...

My senator I love so much, Jeff Sessions voted for the bail out. I'm so disappointed! And told him so.

Karen said...

The Senate hasn't voted yet. Don't panic yet. They were to vote Wed or Thurs but that was before the bill went down in the House. Now they have to start all over.

Chuck said...

The Dems have spent the last 7 years whining about losing personal freedoms under Bush and they run this little Nazi as an agent of "change". He would be a change alright.

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