Saturday, September 06, 2008

Democrats Trash Thousands of Flags

This afternoon, Senator McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin spoke at a rally held in Colorado during a stopover en route to Indiana. The crowd waiting to get into the rally was lined up over a mile and a half. Thousands of American flags were distributed to the large crowd of the ticket's supporters. These flags were from an interesting story reported by the Denver Post.

According to the Denver Post, a worker at Invesco Field came upon 12,000 American flags unused by the Democratic National Convention . They were stuffed into large garbage bags and on the way to standard garbage disposal. This brought up issues of proper flag disposal.

Damon Jones, DNCC spokesperson, called the allocation of the flags to the crowd 'a political stunt'. He did not, however, explain why the bags of flags were being disposed of in such a manner.

Proper flag disposal is performed regularly by organizations like the Boy Scouts. My son was present for a few of the official service and ceremonies during his days with his troop. The VFW also performs the ceremony. Not to be sexist, Girl Scouts do it, too.

First, some history. President Truman officially established Flag Day at the suggestion of the Elks. President Truman was an Elk. So is my husband, though not active now. My father in law was a life long member, too.

Section 8k of the Flag Code states: "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning." Part of the process is cutting the flag into small pieces before burning, so as not to burn a whole flag. Sometimes, when the flag is expensively, finely made and large, the stars are cut out separately and kept. The idea is to avoid the image of a whole burning flag.


The symbols of our democracy, of our nation, are important. Pride in country demands dignified respect of her symbols.


Z said...

THIS is SO typical of the Left.

"a stunt"? that McCain's people used American flags? Maybe. Why not? I'll buy's campaign season, after all.

What DIDN'T get answered, THE MOST IMPORTANT, OVERRIDING QUESTION, is "why the heck did the Dems THROW AWAY AMERICAN FLAGS!?" I hear they got some good press a few weeks back when they said 'used flags from our convention will be put on soldier's graves so we're asking delegates to turn them in after the convention'! REALLY? Somebody must have missed that, huh!


Chuck said...

It's all the fault of the right. They would have eventally done soemthing with these flags if the right hadn't meddled. The disdain for the flag is repulsive.

Nikki said...

My husband told me about this today...and they wonder why we call them unpatriotic and then cry about it. Aside from the audacity of it, what about the "green" aspect? :)N

Kris, in New England said...

How can this be blamed on anyone but the Democrats? Those flags sat in garbage bags - 84 of them - by a dumpster for over a week before an Invesco employee found them.

Yeah, the Dems were seriously looking for them that whole time. How in hell do you loose 84 garbage bags?

It goes to character - something that the Dems just don't have. Our flag is a symbol of the sacrifices people have made for this country -which the DNC just pissed all over.

I read earlier today that any flags not used by Republicans in CO will be put on memorials throughout CO.