Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Media In The Tank For Obama

MSNBC, the only cable station running the vicious political ad for Barack Obama against John McCain exploiting his bouts with cancer and medical records, has pulled the ad. Not only did CNN and Fox refuse to air the ad, the alphabet networks did, too. But, MSNBC is even more in the tank for Obama than the others, so no problem for them.

Any coincidence that MSNBC is consistently the lowest rated of the networks? Maybe they think only the far left watches television.

John McCain has been cancer free since 2002. He has released his medical records, unlike Barack Obama. Obama has only released a one page statement from his primary care physician. He didn't make his physician available to the press. That according to CNN back in May, 2008. Any static from the eager beaver free press in this country about unreleased records from Obama? Yeah, right.

One of the men involved in this hideous ad is Michael D. Fratkin, MD, from Eureka, California. According to NewsBusters, Fratkin published a letter on September 13, 2008 on Obama's website "calling for McCain to release his medical records, despite having already done so. Fratkin acknowledges in the post that reporters have had the opportunity to study McCain's medical records, but he fails to point out that Obama has yet to release his."

The ad ran for two days. After much protests from viewers, it stopped Friday. "The ad had not been thoroughly vetted prior to air, and has since been removed from out commercial rotation," NBC spokeswoman Allison Gollust said in an e-mail, but did not elaborate, according to AP."

And, from Media Bistro, in another Obama ad, "Tom Brokaw anchors a mock election night broadcast and Keith Olbermann's voice can be heard announcing Sen. John McCain as the next President of the United States in a new ad." On the site, VoteForChange.com, "The point of the mock election night special report warns of a McCain victory if voter turnout is low." NBC has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Obama campaign to stop the ad.

As more and more insiders are willing to come forward, off the record, to validate claims of the msm in the tank for Obama, two examples are available here and here.

And, so it goes.


AI said...

It's a poor and vile arguement, this trying to pin down McCain about health issues. It is however, what we have come to expect from MSM. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that MSNBC planned to pull the ad after a short run just to get a message through...Sadly, there is sure to be more loathsome pro Obama ads surface in the run to November..

Karen said...

I put nothing past MSNBC. Truly dishonorable bunch. They had to fire two 'commentors' from election coverage because they couldn't resist telling who they support. No journalism there. Obama's change and different kind of politician message was proven a lie a long time ago. He's strictly south side of Chicago.