Monday, September 22, 2008

Mahmoud Mobilizes Manhattan

Today there will be a rally in support of Israel in front of the United Nations, protesting the appearance of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Unfortunately, the Obama campaign and the Democrat party of New York have managed to turn an event that should be supported by all sides of the political spectrum into just another partisan attack.

The Obama campaign has developed a nasty reputation for squashing free speech. Time and time again, for example, radio talk shows in the Chicago area have been targeted by the campaign encouraging its flock to call in and jam the lines when an authors of books on the subject matter of Obama have been scheduled. The campaign even provides a script for the callers to follow. When David Freddoso was on a radio show hosted by Milt Rosenberg, Rosenberg even had on an Obama supporter, yet that didn't stop the attacks. The attack before that evening occurred on Stanley Kurtz as he was telling of his investigation into the William Ayers connection to Obama. Kurtz is a respected columnist at National Review.

Democrat radio brown shirts join in on the fun provided by the digital brown shirts hacking into Republican areas of personal privacy. This is a whole new kind of community organizing, isn't it? "Denial of free speech, intimidation, threats of criminal prosecution, the launch of a group to "investigate" critics of Barack Obama, the use of the racism card, thousands of young followers robotically responding to marching orders from the campaign..." That from an article by Ed Lasky at American Thinker.

The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations is organizing the rally against Ahmadinejad. The rally is to protest the Iranian government's acquisition of nuclear weapons. Hillary Clinton was invited. Sarah Palin was invited. Other elected officials, mostly Democrats, were invited. Even Joe Biden was extended an invitation. Then Hillary Clinton decided not to attend. It is said she thought she was to be the star attraction but then found out that Palin had accepted the invitation and didn't want to be overshadowed by Palin's appearance. So, Palin was disinvited. That's right. Disinvited. Usually that only happens when an invited guest is found to have created a controversy or an unacceptable incidence has taken place. Palin simply accepted the invitation in good faith.

Turns out the Obama camp and liberal Jewish groups demanded the invitation be rescinded. Amazing that Biden was offered an invitation considering his gaffes against Jews.
And, Obama has work to do as he tamps down his associations with pro-Palestinian groups, not to mention his flip flop on a divided, then undivided Jerusalem. And, Obama does have a talent for finding advisers with a decided prejudice against Israel, as well as American Jews.

So, instead of Americans being allowed to unite together in support of Israel, it's turned into just another partisan battle behind the scenes. Those supporting the candidate from the south side of Chicago, who falsely promotes himself as the post partisan candidate, are showing their true colors. A campaign is more important to them than standing up for a true friend of America's. Again, it begs the question, what kind of change is to be brought by the darling of the Chicago political machine?

From the McCain press office: "Governor Palin was pleased to accept an invitation to address this rally and show her resolve on this grave national security issue, regrettably that invitation has since been withdrawn under pressure from Democratic partisans. We stand shoulder to shoulder with Republicans, Democrats and independents alike to oppose Ahmadinejad's goal of a nuclear armed Iran. Senator Obama's campaign had the opportunity to join us. Senator Obama chose politics rather than the national interest."

Country First.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Have all the rallies they want. Unless those in power, our current President and Congress take action, nothing will happen. I agree with you,I think without a united front we'll not be taken seriously.Economic sanctions mean nothing to Iran and from the news I'm watching, the U.N. isn't about to do anything.

The genie is out of the bottle and it's not going back in. Yes, I'm pessimistic.

Karen said...

I agree. John Bolton said Iran has won. They've done exactly as they've chosen to do and no penalty worth anything to them.

There is an excellent article today that I'll read and hope to remember to post about. Written by a bi-partisan foursome of experts. Shocking, I know. Only one is a true conservative viewpoint but still.

Chuck said...

Well, the Obmination might have gottent the leaders of the Jewish groups to drop Plain but what he needs to worry about is the rank and file Jews. They have been trending towards McCain/Palin and this likely won't help any.

Z said...

Turned out to be a PRO PALIN rally, did you see? WE WANT SARAH!! wow!

And good ol' Hillary...the CAUSE isn't so important that her ego couldn't take a bruising?