Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Holding On To Hope - Keep The Change

In a major move towards implementing some "change" in how Washington conducts business, President Obama appointed the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team as the ambassador to Ireland. He was a big donor supporter of Obama in the campaign. Oh. Wait. That appointment is just like all the others that have occurred in administrations throughout history. Well, we will keep our hope.

In a dignified and confident approach to the daily White House press briefings, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs refuses to name call and call out specific individuals of the loyal opposition in hopes of getting a few yuks out of the slobbering press in the room. Oh. Wait. He continues to drag the name of Rush Limbaugh into his answers of standard adoring softball questions concerning Republicans in the news and then goes on to claim former VP Cheney is a member of a "Republican cabal." Wow. There's a cabal? Where's my membership form? Must have been lost in the mail. Well, we will keep our hope.

The President shows indignant disapproval of the AIG executive bonuses issued though they have been given a very large taxpayer bailout to remain in business. He had no idea that would happen. Oh. Wait. He was a member of the Senate, even though he was rarely there during the longest presidental campaign in U.S. history, and Secretary Geithner who was a member of the team for the original rescue program under the administration from whom Obama "inherited" the mess, met with the CEO of AIG just last week. And, the retention bonus plan was there all along. The bonus plan was there back in 2008 and was a part of the plan voted on in the Senate. Oops. Now the public is awakening and Obama will try to pull out the charm offense by appearing on Leno's late night chat show. He's the first sitting president to go on a chat show in that format so there's some change. Even though all those Obama elites said they didn't want a president they could just sit and have a beer with, they expected more, I'm sure it will be favorably accepted by the loyal followers. Was that the change they wanted? A celebrity president instead of an every man president? Someone who glistens coming out of the surf in Hawaii and poses with the family on all the magazine covers while saying he won't use the family as political props? A never ending presidential campaign where the President himself instructs staff to plan for at least one "campaign style" event every week outside of Washington so that he appears to be listening and "available"? And, don't forget the teleprompter with the facts feed into it for the question period.

The only change in Washington are the names on the doors. You remember, the Obama campaign enjoyed referring to "just moving the chairs on the deck" when speaking about the opposing candidate in the general election last summer and autumn. Turns out that's his own plan.


Kris, in New England said...

Change ... we will live to regret.

And so it has begun.

srp said...

I bet the amount of money we spend on all his Air Force One trips to little towns .... would more than make up for all the bonuses given to AIG.

Do you know what happens when he makes these? They fly into an air force base (usually) and then have to have a huge motorcade to the venue. I lived in one of these small towns. It wrecked havoc!!! The main road north and south was closed for four hours, you couldn't get from the west part of town to the east part of town. Basically, it shut the entire town of 15,000 down for an entire day... what a waste!

Karen said...

Obama has instructed his staff to arrange one campaign style event every week so he can keep the nonstop campaign going. There's the change we can believe in.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Pass the popcorn this is going to be a fun show.