Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Houston Area GOP Women Meet For Annual Seminar

Today was the annual Nuts & Bolts Seminar hosted by the Greater Houston Council of the Texas Federation of Republican Women. The setting was Northwest Forest Convention Center. This is proving to be a very interesting election year for the GOP, given the indigestion felt by so many voters.

So, who showed up to press the flesh and smile for the crowd? The turn out was robust, as may be expected. From the top of the ballot, Governor Perry sent senior adviser Tina Benkiser to address the GOP women at the end of the seminar session, before breaking for the luncheon. Benkiser is the former chairman of the Texas Republican Party. She is also a former president of a Republican Women's club.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison addressed the crowd as a luncheon speaker. She mingled among the crowd during the break between seminar and luncheon. I shook her hand and enjoyed a brief conversation with her. She is very open and relaxed. She, too, is a former member of a Republican Women's club and was active in the Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW).

It was interesting that Governor Perry didn't show up to speak for himself. He spoke to the TFRW delegates in November in Galveston during the convention and gushed about how important Republican women are to campaigns. And, what has happened to Debra Medina? She is a former Wharton Co GOP Chairman and knows the importance of support from a group like those in attendance today, those who represent Greater Houston Council.

Ted Cruz, previously a candidate for Tx Attorney General, delivered the prayer at the beginning of the luncheon. All of the candidates in attendance were acknowledged. Another note of interest - Ed Hubbard and Paul Simpson, the leading candidates for Harris Co Republican Party chairman were there and stayed for lunch. Jared Woodfill, current chairman running for re-election, was a no-show.

The keynote speaker for the luncheon was Manuel Rosales, Deputy Director of Coalitions, RNC. He brought greetings from Chairman Michael Steele. Steele, he said, was meeting with 45 Tea Party leaders in D.C. this afternoon. Rosales presented an interesting program highlighting outreach efforts made to all communities and his ideas of thinking outside of the box.

November will bring a much anticipated election.

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