Sunday, February 14, 2010

Press Secretary Gibbs Enters Twitter World

Yesterday President Obama's press secretary, Robert Gibbs, used the online messaging service, Twitter, for the first time. Or so he would have you believe. Does it make sense?

Using the Twitter name of @PressSec, Gibbs has only made one 'tweet' so far and in that one he asked for tips. It is a bit too much to swallow that a member of this administration would have you believe that in 2010 he is just now going online with Twitter, especially the top mouthpiece of the administration.

Throughout the 2008 presidential campaign we were told that the Obama campaign was the smartest ever with their use of electronic campaigning. They had the biggest e-mail list ever, they used YouTube and video streaming like no other campaign ever before, and don't forget all the televised campaign appearances with all the cool props. Now we are to believe that Gibbs is only a recent user of Twitter?

Gibbs has been with Barack Obama - Team Obama - for years. You'll remember it was Obama who complained he would have to wean himself off his Blackberry addiction when he became President Obama.

Is it a coincidence that the news that Obama hires someone to 'tweet' for him in his Twitter account breaks due to a help wanted ad coming to light around the time Gibbs makes his Twitter presence known? Diversion, much? This administration is very masterful in attention diversion techniques.

Conservatives have taken the lead from liberals on Twitter. After much smug and condescending remarks by liberals as their man Obama ran for president, the cool kids have been overrun by a newly awakened conservative movement. Conservatives were fired up and ready to go, to coin Obama slogans, after the results of the 2008 election and Twitter was ripe for the taking. Top Conservatives On Twitter (TCOT) was formed along with the Rebuild the Party initiative online. The mix has been very successful.

So, I think it would be safe to say that, given the track record of the savvy use of technology by these advertising and publicity professionals in the Obama administration, the newly arrived Gibbs to Twitter is a bit too much to believe as he asks for 'tips'.

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Z said...

Sorry, I look at it as "a white house bigwig's doing TWITTER?" bunch of punks, next he'll be showing Obama in the bathtub on his facebook? Geeez...
by the way, who'd want to know anything about him that we don't have to know ,right?