Monday, February 08, 2010

Phony Feminists and Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl 44 was the most watched television show in history. The very first Super Bowl victory by the New Orleans Saints was one was the books. Not only did the team beat the odds makers, it has brought about a fresh boost of enthusiasm for the city.

A Super Bowl tradition is the viewing and critiquing of the commercials. This year there was the added bonus of the loudly bellowed snit of some of the women in the outdated, outmoded, out of touch feminist movement. The women who have hijacked a perfectly good movement have brought shame to those of us who are feminists. They have given the term a bad name.

What was the snit about? CBS allowed the showing of a message ad, not allowed before in Super Bowl time. The message? A pro-life testamony given by the mother of widely known college quarterback, Tim Tebow. The silliness of the brouhaha was evident, once the audience actually saw the commercials. Not only were they so benign that if you were not paying attention you may not have realized what the message was, now they are complaining that one of the ads promotes violence against women. Why? Because in one of the ads - they were run in a bit of a story line - Tebow appears to tackle his mother and then she bounces right back up. Obviously done in a campy kind of humor, the loud in the feminist movement have been reduced to whining over a non-act. There was nothing to their concern over a pro-life message ad, so they had to do something to attempt to save face.

They are shameful and not at all effective.

Sad, really. Many women who have come before all of us worked very hard to make the lives of us better today. We stand on their shoulders. These women make a mockery out of serious women everywhere.

Hey, did I miss all the outrage by the loud over the Go-Daddy commercials? Now, those are demeaning to women.

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