Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods Speaks

Why did the press bother with the stage Tiger Woods mea culpa statement? Only a select few were allowed to be in the room with Woods and there was no opportunity for questions after he read the statement.

I didn't watch the spectacle. Why did anyone? As long as the charade of athletes as role models continues the American sports fan will be disappointed. Why? Because athletes are regular flesh and blood human beings, just like everyone else. Surprise! They are not superheroes or superior humans. They are people.

Somewhere along the line athletes were vaulted into the highest echelon of envy. I do not begrudge anyone their passion for sports and watching sports, I do so myself, but we have to come to terms with reality. Tiger Woods is the wealthiest athlete ever. He plays golf and is a billionaire. A billionaire. Think about that.

He makes so much money for the same reason the rest do, it is all about the sponsorship money. Teams make huge profits with the big name athletes. Athletes sign contracts to hawk product. It's all such a cozy little world. For this very reason, Tiger Woods was allowed for years to be a sleazy man while adoring fans thought he was above reproach.

My real interest is in Woods' fellow golfers. They now say it was common knowledge that Tiger was a nasty person - rude to fans and others on the Tour, and that they are not surprised that the man was an adulterer. Because of their silence, Tiger was enabled to rake in the bucks and take the bows for his own ego. He is hardly a role model for young people dreaming of being a professional golfer.

Who among us thinks it is reasonable that these special athletes make millions and yet, the true American heroes - teachers, firefighters, policemen and women, EMTs, an so on - are working double shifts and second jobs to support their families? A spectacle like the staged statement of Woods - solely for his own benefit - remind us of how upside down our world can get.

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srp said...

Having been in a similar situation as his wife, words don't mean a thing... only actions and then, I'm not sure it would fix it.

The only thing more disgusting I heard today, was this obnoxious porn star crying how she still loved him and how he owed HER an apology. (more likely gunning for money) And her lawyer... snake in the grass, Gloria Allred.... she should be disbarred for being the most slimy lawyer on the planet. As for the porn star... I'm sure her "work" has destroyed many marriages... there are hundreds of women out there to whom SHE owes an apology. What trash she is!