Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is Debra Medina a 9/11 Truther?

Ah, well, it was interesting while it lasted. Debra Medina, running in the GOP primary for Texas governor just hit a wall. Rising in the polls and with buzz generated by that, Medina was a guest on the Glenn Beck radio show this morning. Here's where it all went horribly wrong:

A clip from today's Glenn Beck radio show:

So, the gasps were heard all around. Is Debra Medina a 9/11 truther, they ask? Maybe. She wouldn't answer the question. She claims that there is evidence not released by the government and that not all the evidence is in. Maybe she hasn't read the confessions put forward by those who claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack - radical Islamists.

Medina is a former chairwoman of the Wharton County GOP in Texas. She has a history of a more Libertarian wing of the GOP than the traditional members. A good background of her support of the Ron Paul wave is here:

I have listened to Debra Medina, up close, and she starts out good but then goes off a cliff. When I heard her speak, it was at a meeting of Republican women. She is personable and open to questions. During the question and answer session, she said she home schooled her two children. Then she admitted she only taught them about creationism in their science curriculum. She said that the age of the earth is still in question and that she believes it is somewhere around 4,000 years old.

Check, please.

The results of the March 2 GOP primary will be interesting. Early voting begins February 16.


Wendy :) said...

Oh boy, all the geologists in the world would disagree with her "age of the earth" assessment! One reason we didn't choose a certain high school when we were going through all that process 6 years ago was how science was taught.

Z said...

I had heard about this and am so disappointed..she doesn't answer Beck, then later says all the information's not in but she'd never think our gov't would do such a thing..WHICH IS IT, Debbie??
AWFUL. with Republicans like this, who needs enemies? And I think that's how Beck felt, too.

nicholas said...

The Truther Question is a legitimate issue. To believe the US government played some role in the 9/11 terrorist attack would be a sign that someone had a serious problem in judgment. However, that is not what she said. All the information not being out is a valid statement. If the US government was aware that another nation had a role in the attack (Iran, our 'friends' the Saudis, Syria) that would be a significant piece of information withheld, and it is not unlike the State Department to withold this type of information.

The question of how old is the earth is a non-starter. It is essentially a religious question. Many fundementalist Christians are of the opinion that the Bible record seems to indicate the earth is about six thousand years old, but really if they were aware that God used a different time frame they would be fine with that as well. The general belief is that God could do it anyway he wants to. I don't think that is a problem, nor should anyone try to make it such. What do we care whether or not she believes that God can do whatever He wants to do? How would a beleif in miracles not apply to today?

Afterall, did not Scott Brown win in Massachusetts?