Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let Advertisers Know When Blogging Goes Wrong

I love being a citizen journalist, a blogger, a giver of opinions. I am all about the rights delivered to us by the First Amendment. There is, however, a line to be drawn when a malicious blog post is thrown out there for all to see. Especially when that post is deliberately hurtful to a special needs child. The special needs child is considered fair game by the opponents of his political mother and that is wrong.

I will not send you to the site - it deserves no traffic at all, ever again, but I will send you here for the core of it from the perspective of a reporter doing a story on the reaction to the blog post.

The best part of being an activist and using social media for said activism? Results. A firestorm ignited on Twitter and all sorts of folks read the vileness for this blog. Guess what? This blog is an ad-sponsored blog. That means those advertisers can hear of the disapproval from the public that their ad appeared on the website. They can be asked to stop advertising - sending money - on that blog. Folks online have been contacting the advertisers and the message has been received.

Want to help? Here's a list:
**Constant Contact

And, if I can make a suggestion - support Papa John's pizza and Huggies diapers if you have a little one at home. Both of these companies pulled their ad support upon learning of the blog post content.

Hey liberals: Don't like the politics of Sarah Palin? No problem. Leave her child out of it. He is not a 'prop' any more than any other child of politicians is on the campaign trail.

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