Friday, April 29, 2011

Why No Declaration of Emergency for Texas?

Why hasn't Texas received an emergency declaration from President Obama?

"You see hundreds of thousands of acres of Texas burning and you know that there will soon be emergency declarations, and we did that now a couple of weeks ago, but still no response from this administration," Perry told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board after addressing the Texas Emergency Management Conference in San Antonio.

Emergency declarations have been issued for other states experiencing recent disasters, such as tornadoes and that is a good thing, but why favor some states over others? Is every single thing all about politics with this administration?

The Forest Service's Marq Webb says conditions are getting worse.

Webb says 'approaching two million acres' has burned in Texas since January first. He says it appears now to be the worst year ever for brush fires in Texas.
"I haven't totaled it up yet, but if we're not there, we're right at it," he said.

Is it a matter of taking revenge on Texas and Governor Perry - a very red state - as Perry has intimated in the recent past? Is Obama resentful of Texas state success and a Governor demanding action to secure our border with Mexico and protecting our residents?

Perry produced the request from the federal government on April 16. The wildfires in Texas continue to burn.

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