Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Senator Cornyn Touts Use of Social Media

Tx Senator John Cornyn gave an online interview with Facebook Washington DC Tuesday in the social media giant's new studio. He was the first politician to do so. The thirty minute interview was streamed online for those interested. The NRSC chairman spoke of the growing importance in campaigns of social media. In politics today, social media is essential and most politicians hire staff members to concentrate in that area of a campaign.

"I think they are missing out and they are hurting themselves", Cornyn said, of politicians who are not taking advantage of social media. When asked if he updated his Facebook page himself, Cornyn said "I do a lot of it myself. I enjoy it." Due to time constraints, he also relies on his staff to keep constituents updates on Facebook and Twitter. Candidly, Cornyn admitted his staff gets worried about unfiltered thoughts from him.

Cornyn was proud of the fact that the NRSC spoof video about President Obama's re-election campaign announcement drew triple the viewers that the actual video from the President did. "Fortunately, we have a lot of creative people. It hit a nerve."

People are looking for elected officials who respond to them, Cornyn said. The said the cuts being made in spending in Washington are a direct result of public demand. Of the upcoming vote to raise the debt ceiling, Cornyn said it has to be tied to spending cuts and he hopes to bring a vote on a balanced budget amendment. "You ain't seen nothing yet" on cuts. It will be trillions instead of billions.

Cornyn is known as a gadgets enthusiast. He relies on his iPad and his BlackBerry, expressing his desire to go paperless and "save as many trees as possible." His electronics are most useful as he travels.

Cornyn says social media is a positive development in the middle east, particularly in these times of political upheaval. Tyrants and dictators can't control individuals unless they block the Internet completely. Protesters discover they are not alone.

President Obama will do a live interview online for Facebook Washington DC on April 20. Of the timing, Senator Cornyn said, "I'm glad I beat President Obama".

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