Monday, April 04, 2011

Obama Announces Re-Election Bid via Video

Here is how very, very confident Team Obama is about the upcoming re-election race for their guy. John Heilemann from New York Magazine, suggested about people within the Obama administration: “They look at the Republican field and they say, ‘you’ve got to be kidding. Our guy has so much, he has more talent in his little finger than any of these Republicans, and they are going to have to put someone on the field eventually, and our guy will run them straight over.’ That’s what they think.”

Fairly stunning given how far out we are still from November 2012. It is just another crass reminder of just how brazenly arrogant this administration is, and the leader of the pack is Barack Obama. No one has a higher opinion of Barack Obama than Barack Obama.

And, on schedule, the information appeared in the e-mail inbox during the early morning hours Monday. This, from Mike Allen's newsletter, Politico Playbook:

PRESIDENT OBAMA launches his reelection campaign with a video, 'It Begins With Us,' featuring snippets of interviews with grassroots reporters around the country, talking about why they have to get involved and not leave it up to chance. --Alice from Michigan: 'Unfortunately, President Obama is one person ... plus he's got a job. ... We're paying him to do a job, so we can't just say, 'Hey, could you just take some time and come and get us all energized?' So we better figure it out.' --The logo is '2012,' with the rainbow/rising sun in the '0.' YouTube

Got that? The President is busy doing his job so he can't really be out there justifying re-election. That's fine with me but this is the man who is breaking records with the amount of gold he plays, the weekly soirees at the White House with the cool Hollywood people and musicians from around the country, and lots of weekly travel that shows the man never left campaigning mode anyway. It's all a bit much, this faux humility, this ruse of being a man of the regular guy. The campaigning never ended but now it is official.


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