Saturday, December 03, 2011

Cain Train Comes to the End of the Track

Saturday, Herman Cain announced he is suspending his campaign as a GOP presidential primary candidate. The Cain train has come to the end of its track.

Cain ran as a different kind of candidate. That's all well and good but it wasn't an excuse for incompetence. He still needed a professional, seasoned staff. He never quite understood that, apparently.

It was mostly of his own doing, this campaign implosion. Herman Cain rose in the polls not due to his political astuteness, but to his personality. His personality was the key to his success - his supporters liked him as a person. Then, as he went to the top of the polls, his enemies surfaced to take him down.

Herman Cain ran as a successful businessman who could bring real world solutions to our country's economic woes. He sold himself as a problem solver. The irony was, of course, that his campaign was so utterly incompetent. He appeared to be on a book tour and not in a presidential campaign.

Cain said he expected these types of allegations from women to surface as he ran for President. If so, then why wasn't he and his campaign prepared to do battle? Why were the messages mixed from his staff and himself? Why wasn't his wife given a prominent role in the campaign?

And, I have to ask - does an innocent man predict allegations to come forward from women if he is not covering up bad behavior? Most importantly, why didn't he tell his wife about helping out the women who is claiming a long term affair, if it was just financial support? These are just basic common sense questions.

If Herman Cain couldn't manage his own campaign, how could he manage the country?

Other candidates immediately send words of support to Cain. On Twitter:

From @NewtGingrich: Herman Cain's 999 plan got our country talking about the critical issue of tax reform and he elevated the dialogue of the primary.
And this:
I am proud to know Herman Cain and consider him a friend and I know he will continue to be a powerful voice for years to come.

From @TeamBachmann:"Herman Cain provided an important voice. His ideas & energy generated tremendous enthusiasm for the conservative movement."

Cain says he will endorse within the next few days. I'm not sure it will matter much but it will be interesting with whom he'll throw his support. I predict it is between Newt and Romney. He endorsed Romney in 2008. He's a long time friend of Newt's.

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Hazaa Blue-Eyes said...

As a Cain supporter, I agree that his campaign wasn't perfect and he didn't always make the right choices.

I agree that him not telling his wife about giving money to a woman might sound fishy. I raised an eyebrow at that myself when I heard it. But as I talked to other people and read more about it, it seemed that Herman and his wife often helped people financially. Maybe it happened so often, that he didn't tell her about every single one. Maybe she told him to stop telling her about when he helped someone out. Maybe it does indicate something more sinister. It could be a thousand different things; we'll never know. What I do know is that I'll be more cautious from now on when I choose to help someone out.

As for expecting such type of allegations if he was truly innocent, I think he was more referring to how the media always goes after the front runner. I'm expecting some kind of dirt to come out about Newt in the next few days - doesn't mean he's guilty of it. I fully believe Cain's innocent.

Heck, if I was running for President, I'd expect some kind of allegations like that and I've certainly never done anything like that. Surely some ex-boyfriend would surface with sordid tales about me. Doesn't mean they still aren't false and doesn't mean I'm not expecting it.